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Help Request: Regaining lost follower dialogue (vanilla follower) using xEdit and/or Creation Kit

Content of the article: "Help Request: Regaining lost follower dialogue (vanilla follower) using xEdit and/or Creation Kit"

Apologize in advance if any of these are obvious questions. Essentially, I'm trying to figure out whether you can add missing follower dialogue back to a vanilla follower using the Creation Kit or xEdit. I feel like it must be possible, but I can't figure it out.

Backstory: I recently finished the gorgeous Teldryn Serious mod, and it was amazing; but now that the mod quest is complete, Teldryn's lost his follower dialogue. First I tried console commands – disable/enable, recycleactor, resetai, adjusting the relationship rank to ally, kill/resurrect – with no luck, so then I learned how to edit NPCs using xEdit.

Teldryn's affected by three plugins in my list – the Dragonborn DLC, Teldryn Serious, and the lovely Morrowind Netch Leather mod – and I set his factions and rankings on all three to the standard un-hired vanilla hirelings (using Marcurio as a reference).

Potential Follower: 0
Current Follower: -1
Potential Hireling: 0
Current Hireling: -1
DLC2TeldrynSeriousCrimeFaction: 0 (Marcurio has his own version, so I reckoned this should stay).

My xEdit back-up plugins are exported to an xEdit Output folder in MO2, and I tried leaving it checked, and then tried having it unchecked (I'm guessing the latter is what I want); no luck either way.

I tried matching up some of his other conflicting data as well, just in case it would make a difference (for instance, the Teldryn Serious mod had his heath set a bit higher than the DLC, it had added a few spells that weren't in the DLC, etc; so I made his stats and spells consistent across all three mods).

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Since all the edits in xEdit didn't work, I installed Creation Kit (literally just today), brought Teldryn up in the Teldryn Serious and Morrowind Netch Leather plugins, and confirmed that the factions and ranks are listed as above in both, and that his relationship with the player is set as Ally in both mods.

At this point, I'm not sure what I could try for a next step? I'm painfully new to Creation Kit though (and rather new to xEdit, as well), and all suggestions are appreciated. I'm running into this issue on my level 71 main character save, and it'd be really nice to be able to bring this lovely elf along with me.

I also had a Teldryn Serious patch installed (spoilers for the main mod), and first I tried all the above troubleshooting with it installed, and now I've uninstalled it and cleaned my save, just in case that'd make any difference; but the dialogue is still missing (not surprised, but oh well, worth trying).

My modlist is here (heads-up for some LL content), and I much appreciate any help with this.


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