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[Help] Sound, Actor, Object, Weapons latency issue

Content of the article: "[Help] Sound, Actor, Object, Weapons latency issue"

My main issue is in-game assets take very long to load in. I don't mean long load screen times or low fps or stutters. My game runs smoothly otherwise (>= 24 fps but I expected less from a 7-year-old PC) and these happen while I'm actively playing the game. Detailed issues are as follows:

  • non-ambient sounds (pc/npc running, walking, jumping sounds, horse sounds, weapon sounds, etc.) play for a second or two and then either fades out or cuts off
    • the same goes for menu sounds and skill tree sounds
  • when firing arrows, they take a few seconds to load in and only fire from where I released the trigger, even if I'd moved away from that position. I had fun trying to shoot myself in the head but it got annoying pretty quick
  • bound weapons, summoned minions, etc. take seconds to load in (both sound and physical form).
  • player gets stuck for a few seconds when doing activities that move the camera (e.g. mining ore, chopping wood, using the tanning rack, etc.)
    • Sometimes the animation never comes and my camera and player just lock up. When that happens I can move the mouse and see the compass move or see my player spin in place but that's about it
  • it could just be me but NPC's also seem to be standing around a lot near actionable objects like saw mills or wood chopping blocks – like they're trying to use the objects but are encountering the same issue as my pc
  • objects, actors, literally everything except the very ground the player walks on fail to load in completely, or do not change from the "far texture" into the "near, higher-definition texture". This happens most often when I'm running with the horse right after I'd fast traveled into a new location but it also happens when I'm just walking or sprinting with no fast travel
  • this last one may or may not be part of the same issue, but I get looping magic sound effects. Most notable are Vampire's seduction, Calm, and Firebolt. After casting these spells, their sounds would keep playing in the area where I cast them. A few people blame Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul which I do have installed, but trying to reproduce the problem has been difficult due to the aforementioned sound issues I'm also encountering.
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This is not my first time encountering the issue, but this is worst it has been. My usual solution was to bring up the menu/pause the game and wait for all the missing sounds to play at once, then exit the menu and the game runs smoothly. Doing so now only helps for about 5 seconds before things cut off again. Another thing is NPC dialogues will cut off then resume ("I used to —— you but then I —— to the knee") but this doesn't bother me as much as the cut off game assets.

I've done some research and I keep seeing people point to script lagging. I ran the script latency test from Convenient Horses and my average never went above 70ms (the highest high I saw was less than 110ms). I checked with the Skyrim save tool and I had 0 things to clean. One thing that struck me as odd is the fact that I have about 5,000 scripts and 65,000 script instances. That seems high to me but I don't really know what kind of number I should be expecting.

A few things to note:

  • I'm running two MO2 profiles (S and V) and this problem only occurs in one of them (V)
    • the two profiles share some of the mods but V has 75 mods and S has 120
  • I've encountered this problem on profile V before early on but (forgive me for what I'm about to say, I've learned to be better now) I installed a few more mods mid-game and the problem didn't appear anymore but now it re-appeared after installing a few more mods
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Required information is as follows:

  • Modwatch
  • System Specs:
    • Windows 10 x64
    • Intel i7-2600 @ 3.4 Ghz
    • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
    • nVIDIA GT430
    • 1TB HDD @ 7200 rpm

My PC is old but I know that's not the main culprit because the game used to run smoother before. Any help provided is appreciated, both regarding my current issue and regarding better/standard modding practices that should be followed. Also please don't judge the mods I've installed from loverslab >.< (unless I've downloaded conflicting ones or unless you have recommendations ;P)


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