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[HELP] UIExtensions Mods crashing game on startup


I have been trying to use a couple of mods that have UIExtentions (UIE) as a dependency for them to work. So, I downloaded the mods and UIE in the same fashion that I had all the other mods I had been using prior, and then Skyrim SE would fail to start every time. I disabled each of them one by one (in NMM) to find the culprit, and it was UIE. Only while UIE was active, game wouldn't start at all. Inactive, and it would start and play normally.

I have searched the internet for any mention of others having this problem and the only thing that seems to come up is trouble shooting for SkyUI. I do know that SKSE and SkyUI are both working, since I have been loading the game fine with both of them installed and SkyUI functions correctly in-game. It wasn't until I enabled UIE that the game wouldn't start.

My purpose in writing this is that I would like to use UIE and the mods that depend on it, as well as provide a troubleshoot for anybody in the future that may have trouble with the UIE mod.

I have the pertinent information about my plugins text file, load order(copy/pasted from LOOT), SkyrimPrefs, and Skyrim ini files through PasteBin links, all of which are taken with UIE disabled. I was unable to locate the "enblocal" files, but I don't know if that will even be useful as the rules seem to suggest its a case-by-case basis. I am willing to work with anybody to locate the files if they feel it is necessary to look through them.

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Load Order


Skyrim ini

Note: I know that there are multiple error messages showing from LOOT, 1 about not having SKSE installed, 3 about mods needing SKSE as a dependency, and 2 about having the wrong version of SSE to be compatible with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. I am fairly certain these are just mistakes from LOOT since there are no problems I have with SKSE or USP working in game and the mods that have SKSE as a dependency (namely SkyUI, KSHairdosSMP, and RaceMenu) work just fine. Again, the game only runs into problems when UIE is enabled.

Thank you!


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