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[Help] Wheels of Lull quest broken…? no enemies in Stonehole Mine

Content of the article: "[Help] Wheels of Lull quest broken…? no enemies in Stonehole Mine"

Last year-ish (late 2019?) I installed the quest mod "The Wheels of Lull", and this year I finally got down to starting the quest. Things were going smoothly until I entered the Stonehole Mine location recently, where I've encountered an issue that's keeping me from progressing. I have my suspicions about why this problem is occurring, but I have no idea how to fix it.

I first started the quest around August 2020. The mod worked just fine at the beginning; I was able to fast-travel to Riverwood and speak with the NPC, and obtained the quest item. For the next part of the quest, I went to Stonehole Mine, able to encounter and defeat enemies as I was supposed to. The quest NPC's voice (he's like a little item that babbles at you like Meridia's Beacon) was clearly audible to me. After defeating the enemies at the beginning of the mine, I realized I was low on supplies, and left the dungeon to visit a few major cities. After gathering some supplies, I saved and exited the game to play another time.

Circa September 2020, I started up the game again, but instead of going back to Stonehole Mine, I got distracted and did some vanilla quests, including obtaining the Gauldur Amulet Fragment at Folgunthur. My intention was to clear out a few quests from my journal before actually progressing further into Wheels of Lull. At this time, I also messed with the console commands a bit, using setstage to purposefully make myself fail the quest "With Friends Like These…" because I wanted it out of my journal. I don't know if that may have affected the quest mod as well.

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Finally, in November 2020, I've returned to continue playing through Stonehole Mine. When I entered, there were no enemies, which didn't strike me as odd, because I'd defeated them before. However, progressing further into the game, I have not encountered any of the enemies or events that appear in walkthroughs & videos of other people playing. Specifically:

  • I can no longer hear the NPC's voice
  • The Poltergeist enemy has not showed up; neither have the ghost enemies that are supposed to show up when you pull the lever near the cavern
  • The "haunted minecarts" and "blue magical bridge" detailed in this walkthrough have not appeared for me, even though I have followed the necessary steps to the best of my ability
    • The enemies, haunted minecarts, & blue bridge are present in YouTube videos of the mod, but not in my game.

I have done some googling and have also looked through the posts/comments on Nexus, but I haven't found anyone else with this problem. To fix things, I've attempted to reload an old save from before I entered the mine in August, but nothing changed. I also tried putting Wheels of Lull at the bottom of my mod load order, but that didn't help either. Is there any console command or something else I can try to fix this? Or will I have to wait for my next playthrough before trying to do the quest mod again?

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TLDR; I think I broke Stonehole Mine enemies and events by entering the area, exiting, doing other quests, messing with seemingly-unrelated console commands, and then re-entering the area. Now there's no way to progress through the quest mod's story. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Here's a pastebin of my mod list and stuff. I'm not well-versed in modding (or Reddit), so I apologize if I've neglected to do something obvious.


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