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Help with Load Order, Crashing at Dragonsreach. Xbox SSE

Content of the article: "Help with Load Order, Crashing at Dragonsreach. Xbox SSE"

Hi, I have had problems with mods and can’t find the conflict with my current dilemma. The guards inside Whiterun attacked everyone as I approached Dragonsreach. I finished them and teleported to riverwood and back to whiterun where the guards no longer were attacking people, not even me. I go to dragonsreach, enter the load screen and crash to the homescreen upon exiting said loadscreen.

I think I know part of the guards problem is – one of the mods adds extra guards, maybe the Guard Dialogue overhaul, and another mod has made them hostile. The dragonsreach has me confounded given I disabled the texture mods for whiterun, removed new mods downloded today, and more attempts without any difference in outcome.

Here’s the LO:


USSEP – Unofficial skyrim SE patch

Guard Dialogue Overhaul

Skyrim battle aftermath

Alternate Start – Live another life

New Beginnings – Live Another Life expansion

Realistic AI detection SE

Holy Wards by BanjoBunny

Enigma Series AIO

Dark Dovahkiin Animated Menu

Realistic Waterfall Sounds

BIG: More Kill Moves and Decap

Dragon Combat Music Overhaul

EasyRider’s Dungeon Pack

Cheat Room

Talkative Dragons

IFO – Immersive Follower Overhaul

(Disabled) Amazing Follower Tweaks

Font Replacer – Eadui

Character Creation Overhaul by…

A quality world map – vivid weathers

Simply darker nights

Supreme and volumetric fog

The Paarthirnax Dilemma

Imperial Holds with female guards

Oblivion Gates Remade

The Notice Board

The Midden: Expanded

Cities of the North – Morthal

Cities of the North – Dawnstar

Cities of the North Dawnstar – Alternate Start patch

Bells of Skyrim

Northern Bath Houses

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The Ruins

CRF – Cutting Room Floor

Adamant – A Perk Overhaul

Mysticism – A Magic Overhau

Divine Enhanced Alchemy

Undeath Remastered

Konahriik’s Accruements

Moon and Star

Undeath/Konahriik’s compatibility patch

Aura of the lich

Epic Realistic Enchantment effects

Elder Scrolls Grimoire Spell

Undeath Immersive Lichdom

Liches – Mihail Monsters

Xivilai – Mihail and Monsters

Livis Salvian Revamped


Wearable Lanterns

Bandolier – bags and pouches

M Rens shield pack

Dragonslayer Wraith Armor

Targaryen King Armor

The Betrayed armor

Semper Fi – An imperial armor overhaul

Daggercraft – Mutilator

Dawnbreaker Requiem

Thane Weapons Reborn

Adamantium Armour

Stormfang – Blade of the unrelenting

NordWarUA’s Stormcloak Standalone

Royal daedric armour and weapons

Truly Unique weapons

Mehrunes Razor Reborn

Fate of the Dragonborn

Skyrealism – Blades Armor

Imperial Dragonknight Armor

Vanilla Armor Replacer by. NordAU

(Lite)Guard Armor Overhaul by NordAU

Unplayable Faction Armor by NordAU


The Sword of the Dam

Dragonspear – crafting

Dwener Firebolt Rifle + nightvision

Ennead Banners

Stump Stash – 50k gold

Thunderchild – Epic Shouts

No power cooldown

Cloaks of skyrim

Royal Armory – New artifacts

(Disabled) Realistic Fire

Power of the Eye of Magnus

Spectre – The Ultimate Ghost

Narrative Loot

True Dragonborn – Heavy

Talkative dragon enigma patch

The Fire Within – Skyrim Power

Heart breaker- a killmove Mod

Unplayable factions arnor USSEP patch

Fatality – Combat and movement overhaul

Know your enemy – armor plugin

Know your enemy – trait based mod

Know your enemy + cutting room floor patch

Refined movement

Calientes Beautiful Bodies Enhanced Slim

Natural Eyes

KS Hairdos Lite

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