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Help with load order

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I'm somewhat new to modding, and I'm having trouble with my load order. What order should I be loading these?

I am on ps4 and my mods are as follows:


-USSEP -Improved Hearthfire Lighting -Hearthfire Display Case Fix -Phenderix Magic Evolved -Smilodon: combat of skyrim -Obsidian Weathers -Supreme and Volumetric Fog -Lampposts of Skyrim -Point the Way -Bridges of Skyrim -Hold Border Banners -Immersive Citizens -Kato's Whiterun -Kato's Riverwood -Kato's Falkreath -Hunters Cabin of Riverwood -Necrosis – a player world space -Whitewind Player Home -Crypt of the Old Guard -Riverstone Hut -Rayek's End -Hunter's Treehouse -Looter's Cove -Wanderer's Abode -Hermit's Stump -Chartreusepod Reverie -Agent's Basement -Ramshackle Trading Post -Solitude Inn Player Room -Wizards Laboratory -Whiterun Watch -Mannequins Stay Put -Dense Grass -Fallen Trees -Skyrim is Windy -BIG: More Kill Moves -BIG: Higher Kill Move Chance -GET No More Dead Followers -Even Better Quest Objectives -Lore Based Loading Screens -Unlimited Shouting -Immersive Civil War Units -Better Horses -Legendary Creatures -Rich Merchants of Skyrim -Realistic Conversations -Rain and Snow FX -Animated Weapon Enchants -ELE Interior Lighting Overhaul -Smooth Human Female Faces -Biased Tweaks -Better Loot -Rebalanced Level Lists -Combat Music Fix -Blessing of Talos Fix -Vampires & Magic -Lore and Gender Heights -DLC Integration -Ruins of Winterhold -Better Sleep -Immersive Leveling -Helmetless Armor Perks -Werewolf Perks Expanded -Hearthfire Map Marker Fix -Dawnguard Map Markers -Every School Damage Magic -Dragon Spawn -XPatch Vanilla AF Dragon Enhancement -Less Aggressive Animals -Vampire Knights -Wolf Blooded -NPC's Don't Drop Weapons Upon Death -Sabre Cats Respawn -Tailor's Measure -Realistic AI Detection SE -Re-Color Replacer Pack -Various Dragons -Morag Tong Master Assasin Armor -Katana Pack -Exquisite Clothing -TAOS: The Art of Smithing -Missing Tempering Recipes Fix -Paladin, Ranger, and Mercenary Armory -Handwraps -Dragon Priests Gear Overhaul -WAR: Immersive Weapons -Magical College of Winterhold -Harvest Overhaul -WATER -Go Away Map Clouds -Insignificant Object Remover

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