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Here is my mod list please help…

here is my mod list (excluding patches) Would you mind having a quick look through and tell me if any are buggy, redundant, or just plain bad/ will break my game. I do have a problem with the game crashes anytime I enter the bunkhouse in Riften – if you know what may be causing it plz lmk <3

(I have obviously picked mods that are highly endorsed but something may have slipped through)

Even better quest objectives

immersive citizens – ai overhaul


Achievements enabler


Alternative start

cutting room floor

open cities

ars Metallica

point the way

Paarthurnax Dilemma

Vanilla followers AI

Immersive sounds compendium

Skyrim sizes

Wet and cold




barenziah quest markers

Diverse dragons

immersive patrols

book covers

opulent thieves guild



relationship dialogue overheal

unread books glow

better dialogue controls



Magical College of winterhold

realistic conversations

bijin warmaidens

XP32 maximum skeleton


Leanwolfs better shape weapons

cloaks and capes

become high king of Skyrim

flora overhaul

vivid weathers

khajiit will follow

blackthorn a buildable town

run for your lives

become a bard

harvest overheal

bandolier bags and pouches


Lanterns of skyrim

RSSE children overhaul

Dracos hearthfire extended exterior

race compatability all in one

FNIS fores new ideals

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Marrow loot

notice board

milk drinker

unlimited wood chopping

immersive armors

realistic needs and diseases

Hearthfire display case fix

pretty combat animations

pretty jump animations


hearthfire multiple adoptions

hunting ground outfit

elysium estate


Moonpath to elsweyr

Gwelda red riding hood outfit

hearthfire homes don't respawn

rustic soul gems

quality world map

summermyst enchantments

jks skyrim all in one

amazing follower tweaks

ks hairdos

bellyaches animal and creature pack

my home is your home

the floating market

Elfx fake door light remover

Northgirl armor


Carriage and ferry travel overheal

hearthfire extended

khajiit child maisha

crown helmets

zimms immersive artifacts

improved eyes

apachii divine elegance

convenient horses

mrissi tails of troubles

cats in skyrim hunting in skyrim

sse fixes

immersive hud

lively inns and taverns


quick light

immersive creatures


scarlet dawn armor

one with nature

helgen reborn

simply knock

guild starter

all thieves guild jobs concurrently

andromeda unique standing stones

eyes of beauty


immersive weapons

dwemer fairies

engine fixes

Hashire horse

race compatibility dialogue

keep it clean

build your own noble home

Pandorables NPCs



Ai overhaul

guard dialogue overhaul

Skyrim reputation


pit fighters faction

Faerie elves

male NPC overhaul

SG brows

LC citadel

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Eilowny custom healer


khajiit caravan kitten

Half khajiit race

argonian hatchlings

metallurgy ingots ore and veins


druid armor

equipable tails

better animal loot

address library

bug fixes V2

build your own city, becoming a lord

skills of the wild

smooth cam

tame beasts of skyrim



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