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How could Elder Scrolls combat be improved? (suggestions)

I feel like this is one of the weakest points in the series so I'd like to collect suggestions on how to improve/fix it. Most of these examples are just stuff that I've spontanously come up with to explain how I would intend for the mechanic to function, it has no consideration for balance so please don't take it to heart as presenting my "perfect" solution, they're just ideas that would need alot of fidelity and consideration to actually implement in the game in a non disruptive balanced way.

My suggestions

  1. Give weapons distinct advantages that directly impact the gameflow, some examples:
  • clubs smack dents in plate armor (weakened mobility)

  • swords cut cloth/leather (armor rating degrades)

  • spears pierce through weakpoints in armor (critical hit and possibly slow down the enemy)

  1. Give every weapon several movesets, example for a sword: heavy, normal, pierce, AOE (this would work better if controllers came with backpaddles)

  2. Give shields parry timing, if you played Sekiro you understand what I mean, if you raise your shield just shortly before your opponent is about to hit you "stun" him briefly and can riposte for extra damage

  3. Bring back the climbing ability and also give it to humanoid or other fitting enemies, imagine having to solve how to kill a Bosmer shooting you with bow and arrow from a tree, in general I think the game can receive some soft "parkour" mechanics, stuff like hanging from ledges, swinging, jumping fences quickly

  4. Give armors distinct advantages and disadvantages, example:

    Heavier armor let's you run slower, jump less high, regenerate stamina slower but in exchange turn you into a real bulwark that needs heavy attacks or some clever placed pierces to take down, also heavy armor would be strong against blade type weapons and weak against clubs

  5. Rolling would be too disorienting in a game with a first person camera, but give us the ability to sidestep

  6. Let weapons clash, to elaborate, you're a nord wielding a claymore fighting against an Orc with a club, if both of you strike at the same time the weapons clash mid air and nobody takes damage and both are very briefly stunned, alternatively if one of the characters has a significantly higher strength rating they can "win" the clash and still hit the enemy whilst whacking their weapon to the side for diminished damage

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