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How do you cope with LODs?

Content of the article: "How do you cope with LODs?"


After failing to find a good MMORPG I enjoy and realizing yet again that most people are insensitive (imo), I am thinking about re-downloading skyrim after playing it for 2k hours.

The ONE thing that ''bothers'' me the most are the LODs and so called pop-ins. I am fairly unskilled when it comes to installing mods/enbs (I usually follow instructions as good as I can and hope for the best) so I don't think I could get 3d LODs to work let alone making them have the same color as loaded trees.

So – in your experience – what are the best methods in dealing with skyrim's arguably ''bad'' LODs?

Is Dyndolod worth installing? Is it very hard to do? Is there a very strong Performcance-hit? Are the trees THAT good?

Do you just use Depth of field?

Is there a mod that creates a constant, atmospheric fog? I think that might be an option for me..

Also.. just in your opinion – considering that I am bored with the very limited roles I can play in MMORPGs (only one role at a time, heavily gear-reliant, grindfest) and their generally ''bad'' state – do you think I should get back into skyrim? Is it worth it? I guess I am seeking motivation to boot it up again. I miss the freedom I had in skyrim..

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I mean really committing.. buying better PC-parts, more space for more mods, buy Skyrim SE.. I think it might be worth it. :3

I mean I used to decorate my home and entire cities with jaxon's positioner for 100+ hours, I really enjoyed it. I think I would also like to get into modding a bit, I LOVE creating. One Idea I had was replacing grass by removing it completely and putting flowers everywhere instead – in that way it would not be in the way of buildings anymore. I would have enjoyed doing it even if it would take 200 hours. I really, really love creating that much, it's so relaxing!

Here are random pics of places I pimped a bit that no one asked for!

Feel free to give me your opinion or answers for one or all questions or none at all, really just tell me whatever comes to your mind 🙂

Thank you for reading 💖🌹


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