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How do you explain to people if their Dps isn’t enough, but with out them getting mad?

Content of the article: "How do you explain to people if their Dps isn’t enough, but with out them getting mad?"

So, 4th time this has happened for me, that I've hurt and angered people I thought was my close friends, because apparently I am a disgusting elitist, out just to crush people.

We were in Falkreath on vet, I was tank, and we couldn't do the second boss. After doing it over and over, and not even getting the boss below 60k I said: "Last time I was in here I did it with 3 dds that did 80k dps." (Me trying to say, we were not going to do this) and then I tried suggesting we went to do like COH or something like that. Well, apparently me saying so, made a guy who I really appricate think I was calling him shit. He is not shit.. But he has never done a dummy test, and no his damage is not good enough for the dungeon. It became a huge fight, and he kept demanding I agreed I was calling him shit, to which I in the end said – as I've said: Your damage was not good enough to finish the dungeon..

And yeah, that turned into a complete chaos and split the guild into two, some people understanding what I was saying, others freaking out over the fact I could be so mean and disrespectful and had no right to be so heartless.

As said it's not the first time. It keeps happening. All I want is just people to enjoy what they do, and what they are able to do, and help them in that. Support and teach them a bit of what I know, but never push them to get better. I never mean to call any one a bad player, just their skill level may not be high enough to do certian content, and that's just how it is.

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How do you guys deal with this? You can enjoy ESO in so many ways, but people also need to be aware of the skill levels and what you can do and not do. No one likes being told there is something they can't do. But, I never want to hurt anyone. I just want to play what we're all able to do, and then if we need to do something harder like a DLC vet dungeon, I'll find a team of my elite buddies and we'll do a carry. It's no issue. Or we will train you to getting better if you are up for it. Again, no issue. But let's just enjoy what you can do, and not worry about it.


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