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How does one make a Tower, Why don’t more people make them, and could the Eye of Magnus be used to construct a Tower?

So we all know about the Adamantine Tower and its significance in the creation of Mundus, being the place where the Aedra once convened. We should also know of the White-Gold Tower which was once the the center of the leading city-state of the Ayleids who ruled their empire in a jungle/tropical Cyrodiil which would have been more similar to Valenwood, Elsweyr, and Blackmarsh rather than the climate of High Rock with temperate forests, rolling hills and gentle plains.

Towers can be both Artificial and Natural such as the Red Tower which rose from the heart of Lorkhan, or the White-Gold, Bronze and Crystal Towers all made by Elves allowing them to tap in the Wheel of the Aurbis and alter/rewrite their local reality, the big example being the Bronze Tower being a weapon and White-Gold rewriting jungle Cyrodiil as always having been a land of forests and hills with only myths and ancient historical accounts knowing it as a jungle. However the secret of Tower creation isn't just known by Elves as evidence of the Coral Tower the Sload possess that could sink their entire land and raise it the surface to protect them from invasion.

There is also the Doomcrag for when one "fails" at creating a tower but it should instead be likened more as a corrupted Tower because it once fulfilled its purpose of creating a lush prosperous land where plants grew in abundance and illness could be healed from its energies but in its present corrupted form is now a blight that poisons the land so that nothing may grow around it.

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With this being known, Towers and their metaphysical importance and ability to alter Nirn's creation to a much lesser degree how does one exactly make a Tower? Most Towers imitate the Adamantine Tower in being a colossal structure but that can't be all there is to it? And why don't more cultures/people/nations create their own Tower?

And finally most Towers have some relic or artifact that acts as the source of power for the Tower. The Eye of Magnus is a magic artifact that possesses immense power. Could it be used to form the foundation or heart of a Tower?


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