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How I broke Vigilant – TLDR at the bottom

So I started a new character at Legendary difficulty a few months ago and included Vigilant into my modlist, I even took the alternate start as a vigilant of stendarr to make it even more involved in my roleplaying.

So far so good. I got through the first few quests, made myself a thane in a few holds, leveled my guy since I heard how difficult the mod can be for lower level characters. Get to the "No Mercy" quest and get on the good side of Karma. At this point I was an adept in Restoration, expert in Alteration and One-handed. Then Act II came in and kicked my ass. I mean hours of frustration, relentless deaths and back and forths since I had a needs mod on. But I get through it and made it back to the Temple in the end.

I did not expect the difficulty and length of Act II so I went back to school and practiced my ass off for the expected harder Act III. I got a bit carried away, I wanted to stay a student of the college but I couldn't resist the bad timeframe of the College and ended up seeking Master Restoration training to get the required spells to get through Act III on my own terms. The whole timing after the "Good Intentions" quest made me roleplay the following quests into becoming Arch-Mage, which gave me access to an incredible spell in Obscure's College, more on that later.

A few adventures with different followers later, Arch-Mage Mael Har'ak goes to Bruma to get used to his role.

At this point my build is mainly an Undead slaying Mage with Mace Etiquette always on him. I can tank massive attacks unless it's from a direct dragon bite, which one-shots me, but the crypts tremble as I step foot in them.

I feel confident to pursue the "Child of Oblivion" at this point, expecting untold danger and massive damage sponges. So here I go, on my way to Chorrol with Arch-Mage level gear(enchanted Elite Vigilant gear).

Loved the place, I had a bit of trouble finding the first Totem(?) but overall a great creepy mansion! I go through the place like a hot knife to butter, even Julia is no match for him, which I found out later is not supposed to be killed. But I did, three times, the rest of the servants go down with a good fight as well. Not-at-all-a-Dragon-Giant-Julia is hit by 5 double casted Stellar cores before going down, which is when I really got a bad feeling that the tanks I expected were never going to appear.

Mostly because I was WAAAAAAY overpowered with my build and enchantements.

Then the Child in question appeared and went down like, well, the child he was. Nothing could stand in my way, as it turns out. Not even the quest itself. I mentioned a spell earlier, it's called Temporal Shift. It is only available to the Arch-Mage of the College, hidden behind a stone wall that took me weeks to find in-game. Here I am in the burning mansion and Molag Bal appears to give me a way out. As he says "the only way out of there", well it turns out that he could not contain the Arch-Mage in his godly form. I simply teleported back to the College, expecting a crash, but to my surprise it worked.

I got to play the "Child of Oblivion" quest on my own terms, like I wanted. Just not in the way I expected and in the end found a way to avoid the final Act. I read about it and well, I want to play through it but I can't with this character since he survived.

Mael Har'ak lived through VIGILANT, and I like it this way.

Maybe another character will see it all one day.

TLDR: An Undead-Slaying Mage got scared by Act II, way over prepared for Act III and lived to not see Act IV by teleporting back to the College with Temporal Shift.


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