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How I decided to accidentally end a playthrough because of Vampirism

Content of the article: "How I decided to accidentally end a playthrough because of Vampirism"

I'm sure I could reload a save sometime well before this became a problem, but I just want to start trying modded Oblivion soon anyway, so I let this problem end a playthrough for me.

Anyway, my Khajit character that was primarily stealth-focused got through the Thieves Guild questline and became the Grey Fox (partially important later). I decided that I wanted to try going through the Dark Brotherhood next, and eventually came to the point where the first quest giver is done with you, and also offers to turn you into a vampire. I'm still relatively new to Oblivion specifically (this is only my third playthrough total; never done the Dark Brotherhood or tried Vampirism yet), so I thought it'd be fun to play into it since I was already a character that avoided the light anyway with stealth.

I get to the quest in the Dark Brotherhood where you're sent to Leyawiin to kill a specific guard person and steal their finger. It's nighttime, so I hope he's asleep, but I go in and he's not. I decide to try and still stealthily kill him and run, but I get caught. I grab his finger and run out of there. I wasn't that worried about being caught by the guards; it gave me a reason to have to run to S'Krivva and get my bounty cleared up, as I'd done a few times for the Thieves Guild quests. Even without fast travel, I feel like I should be able to run to Bravil from Leyawiin in time before it's daylight out. And I end up being almost correct; I got to Bravil's walls while the sun was still doing minimal damage to me. I chugged health potions to buy me enough time to get inside Bravil's walls, enter S'Krivva's house, and pay off my bounty.

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Something I only found out after saving inside of S'Krivva's house, however, is that she doesn't seem to like vampires. I'm playing through Oblivion after having done a lot of time with Skyrim, where just about nothing can lock you out of using useful allies within a guild (besides the Graybeards and killing Paarthunax, but that's pretty clear), so to walk up to S'Krivva and just have her immediately end the conversation with something about not giving me her blood or something was completely out of left field to me. So I can't get my bounty cleared, and I can't go outside anymore because the sun is a deadly laser at this point, and guards now are poring in to S'Krivva's house to kill me, so I can't wait for the sun to go down to try and do anything else like try Armand at the Imperial City, and I absolutely am never going to be able to run from Bravil to the Imperial City at full sun volume without collapsing.

So, yeah. Maybe I should have given Oblivion more credit for thinking of how people would naturally react to working with a vampire, but it is what it is. I'm excited enough to try out a modded playthrough next; I'm sure revisiting the Dark Brotherhood then will be a great time, and I've done most of what I was really hoping for with this character by now anyway besides that.

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