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How Mankar Camoran could be born a Dragonborn (a simple theory)

4rth Era starts with Martin Septim (his death actually) – a Dragonborn

3rd Era starts with Tiber Septim – a Dragonborn

2nd Era starts with Reman (his death actually) – a Dragonborn

1st Era starts with King Eplear Camoran – a Dragonborn?

I know you will say that Dragonborns appeared (as most scholars agree in The Book of the Dragonborn) with St. Alessia.

But wouldn't it make sense that the Dynasty recorded time started with, are also blessed by Akatosh? Or Auriel, since we are talking about Elves. (Also if we accept that Auriel is the start, Akatosh the present, and Alduin the End of time, Auriel makes even more sense. I haven't really read on Auriel(start)-Akatosh(present)-Alduin(end) theory, thus I mention it cautiously.) Obviously I am not talking about the same Dragonborn line as St. Alessia's.

Let's tie it now with Mankar Camoran being able to wear the Amulet of Kings. So, is he a Dragonborn? And how? For start, he is a powerful wizard with immense knowledge, so he could just have found another way to wear the Amulet of Kings. If he is a Dragonborn, yes, I am aware of the theory of him making himself one. Or carving himself into one, using Mehrunes Razor. Well this theory is good, but one could argue that it's based on circumstantial evidence.

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From the Commentaries:

Offering myself to that daybreak allowed the girdle of grace to contain me. When my voice returned, it spoke with another tongue. After three nights I could speak fire.

Red-drink, razor-fed, I had glimpsed the path unto the garden, and knew that to inform others of its harbor I had to first drown myself in search's sea. Know ye that I have found my fleet, and that you are the flagship of my hope. Greetings, novitiate, Mankar Camoran was once you, asleep, unwise, protonymic, but Am No More. Now I sit and wait to feast with thee on all the worlds of this cosmos. Nu-mantia! Liberty!

The thing with the passage is that the "After three nights I could speak fire" part does not necessarily refer to him becoming a Dragonborn. While both Thu'um and Dragonborn existed before Oblivion, the two were not connected and the meaning behind them was different, its only in Skyrim that the two were tied together. The fact that this line from Commetaries fits is either a nice retcon or a happy coincedence. It's up for interpretation by any of us. IT could very easily mean that Mankar had an epiphany, nothing to do with him becoming a dragonborn and learning the Thu'um. If the line indeed refers to the Thu'um, why didn't he use it against the player in his Paradise? I know, because of game mechanics, but if seen from lore perspective, if he knew the Thu'um, it would make perfect sense to use it against the Champion of Cyrodiil.

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Finally, from out of game lore perpective, the info for King Eplear Camoran was introduced in Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition, which came out with TESIV Oblivion. So, him beginning the 1st Era and Mankar being a Dragonborn might be done especially for that.

tl,dr: Camoran Dynasty are blessed by Auriel-Akatosh, since recorded time began with them. Camorans are a different line of Dragonborns.


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