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How Not To Do A Level 1 MQ Speedrun

  1. Rage-nuke your entire modded Oblivion install, go back to Xbox, "Ima do a level 1 lowest difficulty main quest speedrun! Straight through, nothing but the MQ."

  2. "While I'm here in the Imperial City, I kind of want to do a few quests to get those enchanted items like Jewel of Rumare. But then I'll get on to my level 1 speedrun."

  3. "Joining the Arena to raise some skills is a good plan. Then I can start my level 1 speedrun."

  4. making potions "I should level up a couple times to raise my Intelligence so I have more magicka for better spells (note: playing vanilla Dunmer Nightblade)."

  5. "Oh crap, I'm already level 3 and haven't done Kvatch yet. Gotta go!"

  6. "Since I accidentally killed that guy in Kvatch the DB contacted me, and then the TG did too after I got myself put in jail for that quest in Bruma. That'll give me stuff to do after my level 1 speedrun. But first, back to the Imperial City…."

  7. "Now that I'm Grand Champion of the Arena and level 4, I can get going on my level 1 speedrun."

  8. "It's ok to do a few of the Guild Recommendation quests while I'm at level 5, but I'll save most of it until I finish my level 1 speedrun."

  9. "This quest to get a daedric artifact seems like a good time to pause the MQ." a short time later "It's fun to take the slow way and put locations on my map, but why are there so many Oblivion gates all over the damn place?"

  10. after reading a comment in another thread about where to pause the MQ so you don't have Oblivion gates all over the damn place "Oops."

  11. "I leveled up while doing this goblin cave to raise my H2H. Should be a good level-up, I've been using my STR and INT minor skills a lot…" STR +2, INT +2 "What the hell?"

  12. reading the guide book "There are some good daedric artifacts at level 10. That would get me well-prepared for my… level 1 speedrun… um…"

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So, yeah. The game sucked me in and I kind of lost the script. But I'm really enjoying it. I did pause at the "wrong" point, though, and as you can see I really can't level efficiently. Now I have to decide whether to push ahead and finish the MQ or follow my impulse to start all the other factions. Either way I think I should stop leveling until I do some research on how to get 100% magic resistance and other late game stuff like that. Until then, I want nothing to do with any wraiths, liches, shamans, Xivilai, or any other of the top level scaling enemies. But I am going to finish the MQ. This is the furthest I've ever gotten into it since I first started playing this game in 2012. Going into it with the mentality of "I'm just doing a speedrun" actually freed me of the usual quest balancing struggles that I have always had before and has allowed me to finally get into the game.


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