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How to make combat in skyrim amazing! ultimate combat and vigor combat and injuries

Content of the article: "How to make combat in skyrim amazing! ultimate combat and vigor combat and injuries"

I think many people right here use a mod to make the world static so the game is more harder and challenging. I dont have any problem with. what im saying is this method that i used is probably the best way to make combat fun in skyrim.

I combined ultimate combat with vigor and the results are amazing!

1-NPCs doge your attacks ( much more than the max value of ultimate combat because of AI changes by vigor)
2-NPCs use potions!
3-NPCs weapons are not heat seeking anymore
4-NPCs always block
5-You cant stagger NPCs over and over because of ultimate combat
6-You will become fully staggered not being able to move like NPCs
7-NPCs try to break your block
8-NPCs defend they're friends if they are in a bleedout state
and much more….!
Now how to do this?
First install Ultimate combat and vigor combat and injuries
Then download OBIS and its facegen data
After that downolad asis

Now what will these do?
ASIS : makes the npcs use perks-spells-and other stuff added by mods
now how to install?
well you install them like you would with any other mod.
But asis is a bit diffrent as you required to create a patch for it in order to work
Im not going to say how you create that patch cause its in the modpage
Also use these ini files for asis (they contain configs for popular mods like ordinator and etc…)

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Make sure to check the potions for npcs section in asis. yeah vigor makes npcs use potions but its fake it makes them have an effect which does that so if you open their inventory they dont have any potion which can break immersion so thats why you need to check if you care about this kind of stuff.

MCM config : disable the poise system for vigor and done!


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