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How to reach 200% speed while sneaking WITHOUT being a vampire/ring of the wild and hunt (and it costs around 10000 gold only!)

Want to reach max sneak speed without the need to be a vampire or go hunting for antiquities?
Here's a little guide on how to do so.

To start out, if you want this to be basically free, the race and class you will want to choose is a nightblade wood elf. Nightblade is very necessary, however the class is a bit more flexible but do note, using a wood elf will save you 20k-ish gold (one piece of swift jewelry).

The reason nightblade lies in the skill concealed weapon. It grants you a passive 25% extra movement speed while sneaking while slotted. This is a vital bonus and you must be a nightblade for this build.

The reason for wood elf is just the passive ability hunter's eye. It adds 5% movement speed and can save a decent bit of gold.

just for a recap we are at 30% extra movement speed right now

However, I did mention that this would be 200% movement while SNEAKING, so night's silence is a must have. Since the normal sneak speed is 60% of normal walk speed this in theory adds an addition 40% movement speed so therefore it is vital.

Now, our total speed is at 130%, not bad but we still have a ways to go.

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Next is the recently "buffed" set adept rider which now grants constant major expedition, increasing our movement speed by 30% at all times.

That brings the total speed up to 160%.

Next up will be the new champion point constellation, steed's blessing. It just grants a constant 20% movement speed buff which brings the new total speed to 180%. Definitely getting close

Next up is the steed mundus stone). What needs to be noted is that we want to get the most out of this mundus stone as possible while spending the least. In order to do that, you will need 8 pieced of divines all of which NEED to be epic tier. That means 7 peices of epic medium armor (I'll get into why later) with the divines trait and 1 epic shield with the divine trait. if you have all of that, you will get a 16% bonus from the steed mundus as opposed to 15% which is what you would get with anything less.

That finally puts us up to 196%, nearly at the speed cap.

Lastly will be a green piece of swift jewelry. But i did mention earlier that this was supposed to cost less than 10k and swift jewelry is NOT cheap at all. Lucky for us, the quest path of the hidden moon exists. It rewards you with a free green piece of swift jewelry. You do have to own the elsweyr DLC or ESO+ in order to complete this quest.

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However, that green piece of swift jewelry does give a 4% speed bonus, bringing our total movement speed up to… 200%!!!!!!!!

The one thing I was potentially worried about with this build was sustain because we aren't wearing something like Darloc Brae to get infinite sustain while sneaking. However it seems like it doesn't matter much anyways. Reduced sneak cost is multiplicative so you multiply the base sneak value by all of the percents individually. As for reduce sneak costs we have…

improved hiding – 40%
Medium armor bonuses – 35% (assuming you are wearing 7 medium)
Imporved sneak – 49% (assuming you are wearing 7 medium)
Sustaining shadows – 50%
then multiply them all together to get a total of 90% cost reduction for sneaking. with a number that high, it really shouldn't be too much of a problem sustaining.

Hope you enjoyed this or at least learned something new. Have a nice day 🙂


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