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How to use 360MOV+CGO+AGO+Belt Quivers

So I been several days trying to understand how to use these 4 mods together and finally with the help of some good people of the discord we were able to figure out. So i just wanted to share with anyone who is experiencing this problems like i did. (For Mod Organizer 2)

So, just gather the mods, in my case I use:

  • Nemesis
  • Archery Gameplay Overhaul (AGO)
  • 360 Movement
  • Combat Gameplay Overhaul
  • Smooth Camera
  • Smooth Camera Modern Camera Preset

So first, install Nemesis and create the .exe path.

Then, just install XPMSE without selecting any animations, just choose the physics you want and make sure everything else is on "None".

For last just install the other mods, AGO (Make sure to download Belt Feastened Quivers Patch and Nemesis Patch), Then 360mov, then cgo and last smooth camera and the preset. Activate all of them. Remember to create a mod with the "overwrite folder" of nemesis files, call it Nemesis output and put it below everything.

So the load order of this mods doesnt matter, just make sure you put the AGO Belt Feastened Quivers Patch after AGO, so it overwrites it.Finally, just run nemesis engine and then Launch Nemesis Behaviour Engine.

Thats it? NO

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If you go ingame you will se this when trying ot use a bow in third person:

Thats XP32 Frostfall Quivers Animations overwriting AGO. All you need to do is:

  1. Double Click XMPSE on MO2
  2. Go to file tree tab
  3. Go here: <Mod Organizer>modsXP32 Maximum Skeleton ExtendedmeshesactorscharacteranimationsXPMSE
  4. Left click, "Hide" these files: xpe0_bow_drawlight.HKX xpe0_bow_equip.hkx xpe0_bow_idledrawn.hkx xpe0_bow_idleheld.hkx xpe0_bow_release.hkx xpe0_bow_unequip.hkx

Thats it, the animations with XP32 Frostfall Quivers work perfectly, without any twitching.

Hopefully this helps someone one day as EZ.hkx, Ang, SinistierOpenSites, and all of the people of the discord.

Also Kudos to Fetor_Mortem, he was who originally responded to a post 1 year back, and it took me some time to find his answer.

If i miss anything please tell me on the comments.


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