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Human historically accuarate and realism mods

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Does anyone know of mods that add/change the following to Skyrim?

  1. Realistic armor/weapon sets:
    Mod(s) that would remove Dragon bone/plate, Daedric, Stahlrim, Glass, Orcish, Nordic plate, Ancient nordic, Bonemold (Just really all the types of armor/weapons that dont exist in the real world) weapons and armor from the game as well as retexturing steel, iron and hide armors to look practical and realistic (they cover the whole body). It would also be good for the mod to greatly increase the price and rarity of steel and iron armor as well as introducing multiple variants of steel and iron armor/weapons to the game that would be cheaper and have varying degrees of protection/damage and rarity.

  2. Magic
    Mod(s) that would make spell users much more rare than they currently are as well as buffing the amount of damage that spells do to people (regardless of armor unless it has magic resistance enchantment). The dragonborn should also start with no spells. Staffs and enchanted items should also be incredibly rare. Armor enchantments should also wear down as they are used and require recharging with soul gems.

  3. Realistic temperature/hunger/sleep
    Mod that adds the effects of skyrims cold climate to the player so you cannot simply jump around naked in a pile of snow and suffer no ill effects. Mod that adds the need to eat, drink and sleep.

  4. Realistic combat
    This mod should improve combat AI (without adding rolling) remove the ability for the dragonborn and other NPC's to increase their base health stat significantly. Armor should provide almost all protection in combat and going into combat without armor should be a death sentence. A mod that adds a 100% change of enemies to critical hit you when you wear no armor (and a 75% chance if you have no helmet, 50% with no helm and no gauntlets etc…). Healing with potions mid combat should be slowed down and menus should not pause combat. Eating food during combat should do nothing. Another controversial thing I'd want modded in would be the removal of all female melee fighters and archers. Female mages, vampires and werewolfs should stay and female mages should recieve a 15% buff to all magic trees. If possible it would also be great to have the realistic gore mod which allows players to chop off limbs and heads when enough damage is dealt.

  5. Shrines
    Recieving a blessing at an shrine should require the player to offer an item worth around 50 or just leave 50 gold. Taking items that were left at shrines should result in a debuff and the player needing to offer much more gold in order to recieve a blessing from that shrine.

  6. Companions
    Hired mercenaries should have a chance of fleeing the battlefield when close to death and companions should all have to be revived from the staggered crouch near death state with potions.

  7. Dragons
    Dragons should become much rarer than they currently are. When dragons begin to attack, all NPCs and hold guards should immediatly flee. There should be a 20% chance that a hold guard will stay and fight the dragon.

  8. Vampirism/Lycanthropy
    Being spotted changing into/out of vampire/werewolf form should immediatly incur a 1000 bounty (as it does already) and make everyone in the area flee from the player except the guards who will be hostile (even when the player is in human form after being caught mid transformation). The only way to stop them being hostile should be to cure the afflication and then pay off their 1000 gold bounty. NPC's should have a chance to still talk to the player with contempt after the bounty is payed off as if they were still a vampire/werewolf and all NPCS within that hold should talk to the player with dislike lines.

  9. Merchants
    Merchants should offer a 3% discount if the player is the same race as them as well as offering a further 5% discount should the player complete a quest for them and earn their respect. Being a thane of a hold should earn the player a further 5% discount at all shops in that hold. Fighting /falling out of favour with a merchant should incur a 5% increase to all prices for that merchant until they like the player again. All merchants should buy all types of items. The glitch where the player is able to kill a mechant then reload the save so the merchant has full gold and a new inventory should be patched if possible. Players should be able to buy certain NPC shops and recieve a discount as well as a share of the profits.

  10. NPCs
    NPC clothing should be highly varied just as the armor is. NPCs not wearing armor (such as inkeepers/beggars/merchants etc..) should be limited to only carrying a dagger around and if possible it should be hidden until unsheathed.

  11. Factions
    Both imperials and stormcloaks should have more varied armor/weapons on their soldiers, with imperials having better armor/weapons than stormcloaks.

  12. Extra features
    If possible the addition of a class system that allows players to choose to be a mage, theif, warrior etc.. like in oblivion. warriors should be the only class able to wear heavy armor. Carry weight should also be severely reduced on all characters. The players horse should become a storage container that can carry items as well.

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thats all I can think of for now. I'll add more as they come to me.


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