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I inadvertently wiped Vortex mod archive folder

Content of the article: "I inadvertently wiped Vortex mod archive folder"

I was having an issue with one particular mod loading early and causing a problem entering into the game unless I could click thru a bunch of popup questions by clicking like mad to get to the load game screen. I reordered them with LOOT, which made the problem worse by loading it earlier or streamlining the game to load faster than I could click thru & the game hung. I followed that up with a reorder with Vortex. That made things even worse & resulted in CTD. Then I got, what seemed at the time, like a brilliant idea…just reinstall the mods. Sometime during this reinstall process I discovered that I could select multiple mods at once and give a global command to reinstall them in bulk.

It was pretty slick until I realized at the end after I had clicked thru all the mod install options & questions, half paying attention at 3am, only to discover that 1. it didn't fix the problem and 2. that many mod folders in the archive are devoid of all files. All of the folders are all still intact, but every file that was in them is gone. Normally I'm a totally OCD about keeping copies of copies of copies files that I have the potential to blow up. This time though I didn't again…3am + it looked straight forward enough it never even occurred to me that I was nuking these files.

During the re-installs, each mod asked its usual questions and it got me wondering if they all may have been combined/merged together some where….is that even possible? There were was a notification that popped up while I was fixing a few conflicts which asked something about older & new files & whether to keep the new stuff or restore links, or something like that. I chose keep the new stuff. Clearly I chose the wrong path. If everything got merged, Is there any way of pulling all that stuff back into its original location thru Vortex? Getting most of them again & starting over from scratch will be time consuming, but easy enough except one mod, that I'm particularly fond, is no longer available for download.

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