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I need the last information to finsih my loadorder cleanup.

Content of the article: "I need the last information to finsih my loadorder cleanup."

Hello again fellow modders. I hope I do not anoy you with my questions already.

I am right now in the cleanup phase of my modlist and I have 3 questions. All of them are LOOT suggestions(yellow) and errors(red).

  1. I should use xEdit and do a "quick cleanup". Is this recommendet by other modders as well? And what does xEdit do in general?
  2. I have some patches which are already included in other patch mods. Are patch overlaps an issue during gameplay? Is it recommendet to only dissable the ".esp" in the plugins or the whole mod from my modlist?
  3. I do have 2 pairs of mod which are incompatible with one another (Obsidian wather – ELFX, Patch "RDO – CRF + USSEP" – Patch "RDO – USSEP"). Could I possible let both Obsidian W. and ELFX in my modlist without any issues? What could be problems of incompatibility?

Also I just saw another thing. One mod suggests to to install Wrye Bash. But on the mod page the author states that Wrye Bash only supports SSE v1.5.97. Is WB outdated and should not be used again?

Thank you for your time.

Following are the modlist requested by the rules. Do not bother looking through this. I have listed the important mods above. (ELFX: Priotity 295, Obsidian Weathers: Priority 296, RDO – xxx: Priotiry 140)


"0000","+","DLC: HearthFires"

"0001","+","DLC: Dragonborn"

"0002","+","DLC: Dawnguard"

"0003","-","Patches & Fixes_separator"

"0004","+","Indistinguishable Billboards for Skyrim SE"

"0005","+","Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch"


"0007","+","Address Library for SKSE Plugins"

"0008","+","Blacksmith Forge Water Fix SE"

"0009","+","SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)"

"0010","+","ENB Helper SE"

"0011","+","FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts – FISSES"

"0012","+","PapyrusUtil SE – Modders Scripting Utility Functions"

"0013","+","powerofthree's Papyrus Extender for SSE"

"0014","+",".NET Script Framework"

"0015","+","Spell Perk Item Distributor"

"0016","+","Static Mesh Improvement Mod"

"0017","+","SMIM Windmills Resized"

"0018","+","Simple Death Animations"

"0019","+","Ruins Clutter Improved"

"0020","+","Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes"

"0021","-","Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes – CBBE Patch"

"0022","+","FNIS SE"

"0023","+","FNIS SE – Creatures"

"0024","+","FNIS SE – Spells"

"0025","+","FNIS Overwrites"

"0026","+","CBP Physics"

"0027","-","Realistic Ragdolls and Force"

"0028","+","XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended"

"0029","+","Scaleform Translation Plus Plus"

"0030","+","Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB"

"0031","-","HUD & UI_separator"


"0033","+","Immersive HUD SE"

"0034","+","Less Intrusive HUD II SE"

"0035","+","Less Intrusive HUD II SE Patch"

"0036","+","Customizable UI Replacer Less Intrusive HUD SE"

"0037","+","Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem"

"0038","+","Lore-Based Loading Screens"

"0039","+","Whose Quest Is It Anyway"

"0040","+","Yes Im Sure"

"0041","-","Immersive TexturesObjekts_separator"

"0042","+","JK's Skyrim CittyVillage Overhaul"

"0043","+","JK's Skyrim – Immersive Laundry replacer"

"0044","+","Farmhouse Chimneys SE"

"0045","+","JK's Skyrim – Farmhouse Chimneys Patch"




"0049","+","RUSTIC AMULETS – Special Edition"

"0050","+","A Quality World Map Paper"

"0051","+","A Quality World Map Paper Patches"

"0052","+","Arctic – Frost Effects Redux"

"0053","+","The Blackest Reaches SE"

"0054","+","Skyrim Textures Redone Enhanced Night Sky"

"0055","+","JK's Arcadia's Cauldron"

"0056","+","JK's Belethor's General Goods"

"0057","+","JK's Dragonsreach"

"0058","+","JK's Sleeping Giant Inn"

"0059","+","JK's Warmaiden's"

"0060","+","JK's The Bannered Mare"

"0061","+","JK's Riverfall Cottage"

"0062","+","JK's The Drunken Huntsman"

"0063","+","JK's Skyhaven forge"

"0064","+","JK's Interiors Patch Collectoin"

"0065","+","The Great Cities – Minor Cities and Towns SE"

"0066","+","Xenons City patch (The Great Cities of Skyrim and JKs skyrim compatibility patch)"

"0067","-","Immersive Experience_separator"

"0068","+","SSE High Quality Music"

"0069","+","Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE"

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"0070","+","Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim"

"0071","+","Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim JK Patch"

"0072","+","Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim Lights off"

"0073","+","Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul"

"0074","+","Bells of Skyrim"

"0075","+","Immersive Laundry"

"0076","+","Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul"

"0077","+","Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered"

"0078","+","Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul – SKSE Patch"

"0079","+","Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul – Crafting Overhaul Patch"

"0080","+","Enhanced Blood Textures"

"0081","+","Alternate Start – Live Another Life"

"0082","+","RaceMenu High Heels"

"0083","+","Skyrim Souls RE – Updated"

"0084","+","Visual Animated Enchants – VAE"

"0085","+","Auto Unequip Shield SE"

"0086","+","Auto Hide Ammo"

"0087","+","Potion Toxicity SSE"

"0088","+","Andromeda – Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim"

"0089","+","Silenced Prisoners"

"0090","+","No Animals Report Crimes"

"0091","+","3rd Person Camera Overhaul – Smooth Camera Follow"

"0092","-","Immersive First Person View"

"0093","-","iNeed – Food, Water and Sleep"

"0094","+","Convenient Horses"

"0095","+","Bruma and Other Patches for Convenient Horses"

"0096","+","Better Stealing"

"0097","+","Better Jumping SE"

"0098","-","Other Features_separator"

"0099","+","Unread Books Glow SSE"

"0100","-","Quick Light SE"

"0101","+","ESO Skyshards – SSE"

"0102","+","ESO Skyshards – Falskaar"



"0105","+","Havok's Racemenu Makeup Overlays (Lipstick)"

"0106","+","Bijin NPCs SE"

"0107","+","Eye Normal Map Fix SE – Eyes reflect light"

"0108","+","The Eyes Of Beauty SSE"

"0109","-","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-"

"0110","-","CBBE Presets"

"0111","+","UNP Female Body Renewal"

"0112","+","BodySlide and Outfit Studio"


"0114","+","HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics)"

"0115","+","CBPC – CBP Physics with Collisions"


"0117","+","KS Hairdos – HDT SMP (Physics)"

"0118","+","ApachiiSkyHair SSE"

"0119","+","ApachiiSkyHair SSE – more Female Hair"

"0120","+","ApachiiSkyHair SSE – more Male Hair"

"0121","+","ApachiiSkyHair SSE – Fix"

"0122","+","ApachiiSkyHair SSE – Helmet Hair"

"0123","+","KS Hairdos SSE"

"0124","+","HN66's Earrings SE"

"0125","+","Beasts Hair Horn and Beard"

"0126","+","Rutah Tattoo Pack for RaceMenu SE"

"0127","+","Tattoos Warpaints and Overlays UNP Racemenu SE"

"0128","+","Argonian Improvements SSE – Horns"

"0129","+","Bodypaints Warpaints Tattoos SE"

"0130","+","Feminine Argonian Textures (Chameleon and Lizard) "

"0131","+","Feminine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard) "

"0132","+","Horns Are Forever"


"0134","+","The Men of Winter SSE"

"0135","+","Fresh Faces – SSE"


"0137","+","Masculine Argonian Textures"

"0138","+","Marriage Mod – To Have And To Hold"

"0139","+","Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – RDO SE"

"0140","+","Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – RDO SE Patch"

"0141","+","Skyrim Reputation"


"0143","+","Books of Skyrim SE"


"0145","+","Zim's Immersive Artifacts SE"

"0146","+","Zim's Immersive Artifacts – WACCF Patch"

"0147","+","Immersive Weapons"

"0148","-","Immersive Weapons Patches SE"

"0149","+","Royal Armory – New Artifacts"

"0150","+","Everlight – Torches of Skyrim SE"

"0151","+","DX Faction Crossbows SE"


"0153","+","Deadly Spell Impacts"

"0154","+","ELECTRIFY S.E"

"0155","+","Strange Runes Magic"

"0156","+","Frozen Electrocuted Combustion"

"0157","+","New Animation for Magic Casting SSE – v0.8"


"0159","+","UNP Skinny Body Fit Armors and Clothing"

"0160","+","Extended Witch Dress SSE – UNP – Physics"

"0161","+","The Art of Magicka SE (UNP)"

"0162","+","Immersive Armors"

"0163","-","Immersive Armours – SSE CBBE BodySlide"

"0164","+","DX Necromancer Robes – UNP"

"0165","+","DX Celes Rogue Armor – UNP"

"0166","+","DX Succubus (Mazken) Armor – UNP"

"0167","+","DX Daughter of the Sea Armor – UNP"

"0168","+","DX Witcher Armor – UNP"

"0169","+","DX Witch Hunter Armor – UNP"

"0170","+","DX Druid Armor – UNP"

"0171","+","DX Crimson Blood Armor – UNP"

"0172","+","DX Crimson Blood Armor – UNP – Poison Theme"

"0173","+","DX Crimson Blood Armor – UNP – Warlock Theme"

"0174","+","DX Crimson Blood Armor – UNP – Frostbite Theme"

"0175","+","DX Crimson Blood Armor – UNP – Rose Theme"

"0176","+","DX Celes Tarot Outfit (Witch of the Black Rose) – UNP"

"0177","+","DX Celes Tarot Outfit (Witch of the Black Rose) – UNP – Light Armor to Cloth"

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"0178","+","DX Celes Tarot Outfit (Witch of the Black Rose) – UNP – Gothic Theme"

"0179","+","DX Celes Tarot Outfit (Witch of the Black Rose) – UNP – Blizzard Theme"

"0180","+","DX Celes Tarot Outfit (Witch of the Black Rose) – UNP – Inferno Theme"

"0181","+","DX Celes Tarot Outfit (Witch of the Black Rose) – UNP – Arcane Theme"

"0182","+","DX Cassandra Apocrypha Robes – UNP"

"0183","+","DX Cassandra Apocrypha Robes – UNP – Cultist Theme"

"0184","+","DX Spartan Bard Outfit – UNP"

"0185","+","DX Spartan Bard Outfit – UNP – Roman Theme"

"0186","+","DX Stella Mithril Armor – UNP"

"0187","+","DX Celes Mercy Outfit – UNP"

"0188","+","DX Gwelda Witch Outfit – UNP"

"0189","+","DX Wild Huntress Outfit – UNP"

"0190","+","DX Gwelda Vampire Outfit – UNP"

"0191","+","DX Demon Armor – UNP"

"0192","+","DX Daedric Reaper Armor – UNP and MALE"

"0193","+","DX Sotteta Necromancer Outfit – UNP"

"0194","+","DX Sotteta Huntress Outfit – UNP"

"0195","+","DX Sotteta Huntress Outfit – UNP – Hairband Texture"

"0196","+","DX Merta Black Rose Outfit – UNP"

"0197","+","DX Merta Black Rose Outfit – UNP – Armor to Cloth"

"0198","+","DX Merta Assassin Outfit – UNP"

"0199","+","DX Merta Assassin Outfit – UNP – Tattoo"

"0200","+","DX Tembtra Thief Outfit – UNP"

"0201","+","DX Celes Nightingale Outfit and Weapons – UNP"

"0202","+","DX Ursine Armor Pack – UNP"

"0203","+","DX Ancient Draugr Outfit – UNP TOP MODEL BBP"

"0204","+","DX Gwelda Dawnguard Outfit – UNP"

"0205","+","DX Cassandra Frost Witch Outfit – UNP"

"0206","+","DX Emfy Cleric Outfit – UNP"


"0208","+","Deadly Dragon Priests"

"0209","+","Deadly Dragons"

"0210","+","KS Dragon Overhaul 2"

"0211","+","Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition"

"0212","+","Skyrim Immersive Creatures – Official Patch and Patch Central"

"0213","+","Ultimate Combat SE"

"0214","+","Wildcat – Combat of Skyrim"

"0215","+","Archery Gameplay Overhaul SE"

"0216","+","Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim"

"0217","+","Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim"

"0218","+","Apocalypse – Ordanator Patch"

"0219","+","Hold to Sprint"

"0220","+","TK Dodge SE"

"0221","+","Encounter Zones Unlocked SE"

"0222","-","Quests & Worlds_separator"


"0224","+","Better Falskaar and Wyrmstooth Map With Roads"

"0225","+","The Tale of Tsatampra Xiros"

"0226","+","Dynamic Dungeon Loot (DDL)"

"0227","+","Dynamic Dungeon Loot (DDL) – Retexture 2K"

"0228","+","The Paarthurnax Dilemma"

"0229","+","Cutting Room Floor – SSE"

"0230","-","Civil War_separator"

"0231","+","Open Civil War SSE"

"0232","+","WARZONES – Civil Unrest for SSE"

"0233","+","Civil War Aftermath SE"

"0234","+","Man Those Borders Reborn"

"0235","+","Civil War Checkpoints"

"0236","+","Immersive Patrols SE"


"0238","-","Textures Replacers_separator"

"0239","+","Embers HD"

"0240","+","Skyrim 3D Blacksmith"

"0241","+","JS Shrines of the Divines SE"

"0242","+","ElSopa – HD Keys SE"

"0243","+","Lockpicking Interface Redone"

"0244","+","Rudy HQ – Hay SE"

"0245","+","Rudy HQ – Miscellaneous SE"

"0246","+","Realistic HD Blacksmith Remastered"

"0247","+","Ultimate HD Fire Effects SSE"

"0248","+","Ultimate HD Fire Effects SSE – Candels"

"0249","+","Spider Webs and Particles for ENB"

"0250","+","CleverCharff's Photorealistic Ash Pile"

"0251","-","Skyrim 3D Landscapes – Ground"

"0252","-","Skyrim 3D Landscapes – Plants Trees Grass"

"0253","+","Skyrim HD SE"

"0254","+","Skyland – Towns and Villages"

"0255","+","Skyland – Imperial Forts and Dungeons"

"0256","+","Skyland – Solitude"

"0257","+","Rudy HQ – Nordic Ruins SE"

"0258","+","Guards Armor Replacer SSE"

"0259","+","CC's HQ Caves – 4K"

"0260","+","Northern Shores SE"


"0262","+","MD's Farmhouses"

"0263","+","MD's Photoreal Mines"

"0264","+","Peltapalooza SE"

"0265","+","Realistic Objexts HD"

"0266","+","Transparent and refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach"

"0267","+","Draugr 4k"

"0268","+","Giant 4k"

"0269","+","Skeleton and Human Bones 4k"

"0270","+","Dragon HD Replacer Pack Bellyaches SE"

"0271","+","WiZkiD Signs"

"0272","+","Imperial Tents Retexture 2K"

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"0273","+","Nordic Tent upgrade by Pfuscher"

"0274","+","Iron Things SE"

"0275","+","Fluffy Snow"

"0276","+","Blended Roads"

"0277","+","Better Dynamic Snow SE"

"0278","+","Fluffy Snow – Blended Roads Patch"

"0279","+","Just Ice"

"0280","+","Dave's UFHD Mountains"

"0281","+","Dave's UFHD Moss 8K"

"0282","+","Roadsigns SE – HD"

"0283","+","Lantern HD Replacer 4K"


"0285","+","Enhanced Lights and FX"

"0286","+","Rudy HQ – More Lights for ENB SE – Soul Gems"

"0287","+","Rudy HQ – More Lights for ENB SE – Chaurus Eggs and Sacs"

"0288","+","Rudy HQ – More Lights for ENB SE – Arrows"

"0289","+","Rudy HQ – More Lights for ENB SE – Bthardamz"

"0290","+","Rudy HQ – More Lights for ENB SE – Deathbells and Nirnroots"

"0291","+","Rudy HQ – More Lights for ENB SE – Moths"

"0292","+","ENB Light"


"0294","+","True Storms SE"

"0295","+","ELFX Weathers – TrueStorms Patch"

"0296","+","Obsidian Weathers and Seasons"

"0297","+","Obsidian Weathers and Seasons -True Storm Patch"

"0298","+","Wet and Cold SE"

"0299","+","True Storms – Wet and Cold Compatibility"

"0300","+","Wet and Cold – Fur Hoods Fix"

"0301","+","Wonders of Weather"

"0302","+","Lightning During Storms SE"

"0303","+","Northern Realistic Clouds"

"0304","+","Realistic Water Two SE"

"0305","+","JK's Skyrim – Realistic Water Two Patch"

"0306","-","Trees Grass_separator"

"0307","+","Verdant – A Skyrim Grass Plugin"

"0308","+","Darker Distant LOD for ENB"

"0309","+","DynDOLOD Resources SE"

"0310","+","Alpine Forest of Whiterun Valley"

"0311","+","Immersive Fallen Trees SSE"

"0312","+","HD LODs Textures SE "

"0313","+","Terrain LOD redone "

"0314","+","Blubbos Trees in Whiterun – JK Compatible"

"0315","+","Blubbos Trees in Whiterun – more Trees "

"0316","+","Blubbos Trees in Whiterun – even more Trees "

"0317","+","Whiterun Forest Borealis "

"0318","+","Bent Pines II "

"0319","+","Bent Pines II – NPCs Pathfinding "

"0320","+","Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE "

"0321","+","Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE – Billboards "

"0322","+","Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE – Cucstom Large Trees "

"0323","+","TreePineForestBranch 8k "

"0324","+","Enhanced Landscapes – Oaks Mixed Greens "

"0325","+","Reach Tree Replacer SSE "

"0326","+","Reach Tree Replacer SSE – Billboards "

"0327","+","Reach Tree Replacer SSE – DynDOLOD LODs "

"0328","+","TREES ADDON SE "

"0329","+","TREES ADDON SE – Billboards "

"0330","+","Enhanced Landscapes "

"0331","+","Green and Lush Aspen Trees "

"0332","-","Last Loadorder_separator"

"0333","+","kryptopyr's Automated Patches"


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