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I posted this awhile back in gaming, but figured I’d post it here. Longtime lurker, but I would love some feedback. I love the Elder Scrolls lore, by Hircine, I hope you like it!

Content of the article: "I posted this awhile back in gaming, but figured I’d post it here. Longtime lurker, but I would love some feedback. I love the Elder Scrolls lore, by Hircine, I hope you like it!"

Elder Scrolls fan fiction I've been writing. Please enjoy, more is to come soon.

"Are we really here? This all feels like a dream, or a blanket to such bearing encumber. You did all of this for me? It goes against The Green Pact!" Said a quiet voice. It was faint, you could almost hear the echo and see through the lying darkness, I could only be a mere witness to the reality.

"This is a trap, I'm gonna die in here! I am bound to nothing!" I said, fighting the binds. My sinuses were completely eradicated, and my eyes, burning and tears running down my cheeks, along with the the back of my head pulled back by the bind to the wall. "Where are you? I'm not gonna die like an animal!" I yelled out, must have done this numerous times, checking my vicinity haste-fully. The only light inside this place was coming from what looked like Withering Moon's flourishing upon this dank, moist wall.

As the water droplets collected on the ground below, I caught a reflection, staring straight into this shadowed figure's eyes. They had a mysterious pink glow that faded to purple, and then back to pink. The cracks that ran through its rough face carried the glow just like the eyes did. The creature began to move forward, and by the glow of the Moon's, its shape was revealed. This was by far the most extraordinary creature I had ever laid eyes on, must have stood a towering 15ft upright, with purple veins running through out it's wooden body! It was a Spriggan, but none I have ever seen drawings of, let alone see one in person. It had amulets around the base of it's neck; the chain made of up of fallen Lady's Mantle leaves, decaying Green Stain caps, taproot strands, held together by a resin made from made from Nightshade, given the purple tone to the woven stands and the stench was repulsive. In disbelief, the Spriggan looked me in the eyes, and laid its sharp wooden claws on my face, never breaking eye contact, not making a sound. My fists balled up, still looking at this Spriggan, "This isn't a wall, is it?"

It was a tree. Or the roots of said tree. The spriggan had been swallowed by the darkness and was no where in sight, coming to this cold realization I was probably "nourishment" for later. Light was glistening around the room, dancing on the walls from the Withering Moon over yonder. I started to hear what sounded like twigs and branches breaking, the bounds loosened,as I looked down, the root-like vines slipped behind me. As I tried to push myself off the root-wall, it was a sudden shock of pain sent through my entire leg as I put my weight onto it. Fell straight to my hands, but my armor made the fall much heavier, over encumbering my hands, hitting face first onto the damp, earthy ground. "Why must I always find myself, especially in situations like this?" I screamed. As I managed to muster my strengths this time, I looked to my right and saw my bow with my quiver of arrows, and a wooden piece from my shield that had shattered before awakening in this place, sharp enough to at least cut through a vine or two. I grabbed both, and used the wall to stabilize myself as I tried to fully come to a standing posture.

Distorted. How different it was to see the room from the across the chamber where I was once bound just a few minutes ago. As I was questioning why I was released, I saw just past the dancing light of the Withering Moon, a passage way leading out of the current chamber. I decided against my gut to follow the path, hell it was going to be better than just waiting to die, up on a wall like a pathetic, filthy Dunmer, where I'm from we are better than that.

Feeling my way, my hands were cut to hell, coated with the grime. Moist, elongated roots were the walls here, thinking to myself "This isn't the Roost anymore." My pace started becoming quicker and choppy, and my sight was nearly all back, though each time I blinked I saw the bright purple eyes of the Spriggan. It must have been 5 or 10 minutes, just feeling my way down the tunnel, and then I saw two potential ways further continuing ahead. One of them leads left, and the other continues straight, so I flipped a flat rock I found on the ground. Cracked side for left, non-cracked side for continuing on straight; First flip I got a cracked side, so I tried again. "Best two out of three, yeah?" I said to myself, as I flipped the rock again. I just let the rock fall, I just started walking down the path to the left, my leg wasn't giving me too bad of pain as it had been earlier. I could actually put some decent weight on it with a slight ache, I could move even though I couldn't run quite yet, grateful for this I was. I still had a stalk of Blue Mountain Flower on my belt, and quickly started to chew on the bloom.

At least this would give me some energy and coat my throat for the pollen that was already in the air, it was almost becoming to much, you could taste and see it floating around in the air. It was seemingly becoming rather warm, walking along these narrow root channels, thinking to myself,"This path was probably a bad choice." The other question pressing my mind was, "Where in Oblivion could the Spriggan be now?" My heart was racing at these thoughts continually feeding my fears, I continued to press on further into the tunnels. Lighting this set of tunnels were Withering Moons, a faint bluish color, and Flame Stalk, an orange-red color, illuminating these paths. Its like these tunnels were constantly "growing" if you could say, the slithering from the roots above and vines below, almost became like claws on iron. That's when I saw something lying in front of me.

I was honestly afraid if I went near this figure I would either startle it, or perhaps I could just get a good look at what it was from afar and move about my business. I tried from two different angles to catch a observer's dream angle, just maybe. Frustration started to set in, but I had an idea; What if I could rip a "Moon" off the wall and toss it over to the area where the darkness bred silently. I trusted my gut this time, ripped a "moon" off the wall and hurled it down the channel, revealing another Spriggan. This one looked like it met her fate winters ago, upon laying my fingers on the facial region, the wood collapsed under them, and dust spewed from the now palm sized hole in the husk's face. A couple feet past the deceased spriggan's legs, lied a wolf. This one was alive and well, just at rest, and sure as the Divine's, it's ears cocked back with its head snapped around quicker than I could retract a step. I startled this damn animal.

The beast looked dark-furred and shadow like, but its teeth gleamed a glowing white, it's tail loomed down between its legs as it lowered its body into a defensive, pouncing stance. As soon as our eyes met one another, they never broke contact, my stomach felt like it was in my throat, standing about 5-6ft away from each other. The wolf lunged to a pounce, and knocking me clean onto the ground, thus sending my hands up, wrapping around the wolf's throat as it stood, snarling over me, ready to break my petty grasp and tear into my throat awaiting to savor the kill. As the wolf growled and struggled to get free, wanting to take a bite out of my face, my hands were tightening around it's neck as I positioned my legs under it's chest and launched this wolf off of me. I quickly located an arrow from my quiver and locked my grip around the shaft, as the wolf returned almost instantly to its feet and at a full blown sprint towards a 6ft hunk of meat. I started slowly backing to the wall to my left as the wolf pounced again, throwing my left arm up to shield its bite, sending excruciating shocks of pain through out my body, driving an arrow straight through its eye, screaming as I did. The wolf yelped as I twisted the arrow deeper into the cavity, both my blood and the wolf's were painting the earth beneath us, as I grabbed the shard of wood from my belt, and hammered the rest of the arrow into the its brain. As a stream of blood took tide from my left arm, all I could focus on was the wolf, the arrow was split and my hands were cut up pretty bad from dealing with gripping the splintering wood of the now mangled arrow. I sank down the wall, sitting next to my "kill" as I hung my head in disbelief, staring at the reflection of the "moon" in the blood pooling around my feet.

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"Remember when we first got married? You would always ask me to wear that Jade colored dress we got when we visited Baandari Trading Post, in Malabal Tor around the first Fredes of Hearthfire. You surprised me by telling me to go over by the big red tents of the trading area and speak to an Alchemist there for Slaughterfish Scales, Minotaur Horn, and Mutton chunks. As I walked along the the old, beaten stone path towards the tents, you said you were going to check out what deals you could get on some cloth, and non-Valenwood/Bosmeri cuts of timber. The Alchemist's was a Khajiiti named Ri'Jado, and was a very nice gentleman, and asked how far along I was. About a couple minutes pass while in my conversation with Ri'Jado, and abut that time, I felt your touch on my stomach, the kiss on my cheek and in my hands lied a charmeuse green garment with gold and ruby inset along the hem of the frilled skirt. My eyes lit up and stared right back at…."

The blood had pooled around my feet, knowing thoughts like this would eventually become cages if I didn't get up and start down the caverns or tunnel networks I was somehow lost in. I probably just killed that husk's guardian animal or spirit, and yet I feel empty, like somehow I was connected to or knew the eyes of that life essence, locked and trapped behind ferocious emerald-colored lenses. "These thoughts are becoming cold, I'm a Dominion soldier, your strong, keep focus," talking under my breath. The clanking and rattling of my armor bellowed through the hall with an echo as I struggled to stand up after that little dance with our friend, the wolf. My leg was still in some pain, felt like it was just searing hot to the touch, almost like Netch stings from their serrated edge-like tentacles. My arm was not looking so hot, so I ripped some fabric from my undershirt to fashion a bandage. I tried to assess my injuries as a draft of warm air slowly gently hit my face, these tunnels were beginning to drive me to insane. "This evil is unlike any other I have ever imagined. What sick hell is this wretched place?" I thought to myself walking and trying my best to hold my balance along the wall, heading down the narrow, steep channel. I often pondered the thought of how my leg was looking, but I started not to care, and needed to find a way out of here. Oh how good it would feel, the warm sun against my skin and a gentle current against my face. A piercing thought ripped the moments of clarity to pieces and spit them all over the ground, "I can't be the only one down here. Ayleids? No. That's preposterous." I tightened my lips together, feeling the anxiety taking it's frenzy in my gut, like a skooma peddler passing through a security check point on The Gold Road. There was a faint scratching sound coming from ahead, it was a persistent noise, never breaking tempo or any silence in between that completely broke my train of thought. For every breath I took, I felt myself becoming more and more afraid what lied behind this strain of impenetrable black lying ahead, the tunnels were going dark again. The foul warm, pollen filled air started to dissipate and a gentle cool breeze ran across my bones as I stepped forth, into the alias of the dark.

I noticed on my venture into the dark, was a fallen log, how it got down here I have the slightest clue, it was a big log. There was Mora Tapinella growing from it, so I dug right in. It tasted like a burnt Skeever dipped in cold Kwarma jelly, it was very damp and spongy, not to mention the spores landed on my tongue, coating my esophagus trying to fight back against these stalks of fungi. I knew it would regenerate my depleted magicka levels, cause the headache that was coming would be in'hibitive to my success from making it out of this damn place alive. As I gagged, tears rolling down my cheeks, the hate began to combat it's way into my mind, thoughts and memories splitting by the seams, conjuring a blinding, strong flame from my hands as I began to feel my ancestors presence come alive within me. When the flames light hit the walls, it was match by deep regret. The "tunnels" I was traversing into were in fact catacombs. Tombs made of roots. I patted out one of my hands on my chain mail, to cease some of the light, but now I could see where the scratching was coming from, it was coming from behind a root. It was a creature most definitely, revealing its long, slender appendages from behind the root. I saw a pair of boots attached to a set of legs, and slowly started for my bow and nocked an arrow, dreadfully stepping lightly towards the anomalies. As I stepped forth, a crushing wave of horror washed over me, as a heavily fixated spider was proceeding to make a egg sac over a body with a blown out chest cavity. There were noticeable young clinging onto this mother spider, and I couldn't get a good look at the body, by first glance it seemed to be a Redguard Male or perhaps even an Wood Orc. I let my arrow fly, fly right into the cephalothorax, bringing its constructing egg sac to a screeching halt. As all the young fled away from the now deceased eight legged freak's body, I set the webbing aflame and kicked the ash away, spewing soot into the air just as I checked behind me, and then began to study the body. It had a 10-12in cut in it's abdomen, all organs removed from this area, and a putrid liquid left behind down below, eating through the decaying flesh. Deciding not to hurl on the corpse, i took the liberty of vomiting on the dead spider, staring at the face of the the long withered, hollow Redguard. I took three arrows from my quiver, used a pieces of my belt to tie them together and used the spider's saliva dripping from its mandibles near its grotesque fangs. I then carefully plucked about ten hairs off of the spider's legs, taking full advantage of my situation here, a torch was the only thing on my mind. It's like my body was on autopilot, no hesitation when bundling the hairs together for a quick fire-starter, ripping the cloth off of the Redguard's cold body, wrapping a small amount around the arrow's fletching and storing the rest in my bag. I learned that from my old Captain when I served in the Aldmeri Dominion when the Veiled Heritance was abroad, I sparked the fabric, holding the dampened mucous covered handle, I pressedforth, flames licking into the air and illuminating the channel. "You were always so hardy. You always took care of me after your retirement from The Dominion, and even before then we dealt with the sick from the Knahaten Flu outbreaks when we were in Valenwood, the year Emeric was crowned. I remember when I caught Brown Rot when you and I found ourselves deep within Lipsand Tarn, that's when I also obtained my gift. We weren't the only ones hunting for vampires, and you lost a finger, but that besides the point;" She muttered, little tears running off her cheeks, onto my leather, and then eventually meeting the ground. "Over the course of two weeks, you saved the townspeople great harm, by leading me out to the farm lands a little west of Silsalen, after all of The Veiled Heritance were found, tried and brought to justice by The Souless One and continuous help of The Dominion. The cattle were not offended or threatened by my presence, and the calves actually took a liking to me, especially Sputts, I loved that little guy, well, big guy now. We need.." The thoughts were severed short, she's been gone for a long time. "I need to keep moving," I muttered to myself quietly.

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Chapter 2;

(May as well document the date; I think the day is third Turdas of Frostfall of 2E 584.) The sounds of the tunnels were growing ever louder, and I couldn't seem to understand why. I've been walking in this "place" for what seems like hours, my sense of direction is probably just as bad as how much my arm aches. It's like a different world down here, I must be 3 miles below the surface. I'm a natural when it comes to caves, and their formations; but this is by far the largest underground structure/cave system that I have ever seen. The estranged fact that the roots actually traveled this far down was immaculatly incredible. It felt like the pages left by my previous adventures, were being revised and edited, as I felt, saw, heard all these sounds from this system as it thrived around me. I was purely astonished, to be completely true. The articulation of the root structure is what was blowing my mind the most, the roots were actually holding parts of the cave up. Taking an arrow form my quiver, and setting my torch upright against a rock, I positioned the arrowhead on the root and and tried to force some weight behind it. The arrowhead couldn't even break the surface membrane the root was so aged. "Commander Valen, Commander Karinith! Front and center," Razum-dar yelled out, "Get back to Vulkhel Guard and stand watch! The Queen will be here sooner than we expect, so be sure to do rounds before and after arrival. This one wants every soldier and guard on roster on duty today. We have no room for error, the recruits have been going stir crazy this past two weeks for some reason. Razum-dar thinks they may be nervous for the Queen's arrival today. May bright stars shine on you both, Commanders.” Oh, how I longed to hear to Razum-Dar’s voice right about then, but the screams lamentingly roamed through the weeping chasms. Slowly lifting myself from a sitting position, I started to see what looked like, runic symbols/drawings of a dead language, glowing bright green as it spread down the roots, descending further and further. This particular path leading into the next chamber/cavity was illuminated green, with easily visibility. For this I was grateful, continuing through the pathway, hearing almost what sounded like water nearby, drowning out the screams with an ambient flow. “Water!;” I said aloud, practically running to the sound of water. As I rapidly turned the corner, I saw the Spriggan looking back at me, soulless purple eyes focused right into my sights. I quickly through my hands above my head and casted Blinding Light, and the cave lit up like a Roost dive bar after hours. The creature let out a banshee-like, ear piercing scream, quickly drawing my bow set with an arrow. The creature backed up, looking if was about to charge straight for me, whispered a few things under it’s breath casting a white-gold mist, cloaking itself as footsteps were heard treading down the path where the water was running down, illuminated by the water’s reflection the green runic-hieroglyphics glowed about. “This Spriggan must be hunting myself now,” thinking aloud. Anger was starting to boil my blood. Between the screaming, fooling myself into believing making it out alive is a possibility and things trying to kill me, I bellowed a frustrated scream right back. I flipped my hood back faster than you could say Breton, heart was pounding right away, taking deep breaths. All fell silent to the sound of water flowing down the path, I started to settle a bit. Walking down the path, I started to ponder about the water even traveling down into the land this far. It seemed strange, but I found myself starting to tread through murky ankle-high water.

Left foot, slosh. Right foot, slosh. On and on this went for 20-30 paces. I started to focus on the color of the water, brown with a red tint when the flame was near it. Almost reminded me of a Dark Elven brick color if I had to narrow it down. As I was sloshing along throughout this murky water, what looked like a fin started traveling towards my boots. Leaning down, I noticed it was definitely a fish, but it was slender and gray. “This water is habitable?” I said quietly. I started to see more and more fins popping up, not consistently, but randomly. I know for damn sure these weren’t Silversides swimming towards me, I looked around for a place up out of the water while trying to stay as still as possible, but water had flooded this canal up to maybe a wee bit past ankle height, so it was a ripple for every inch taken. Every ripple, every glimpse I saw with my own two eyes, Slaughterfish. I froze up real quickly for a few moments, the blood from my self-made bandage were pooling up a dark red, iron-rich drops leaking into the water every so often, enticing razor-like creatures swimming on by. I started to walk forward accepting whatever needed to be achieved in the situation; Whether I’m fish food, or maybe the cave stops at a certain point and I’m still fish food, where exactly did the screaming come from from earlier? As the mild sloshing continued, I lowered my torch about a foot from the water surface. It was a necessity at the particular moment to have my eyes on the water, mainly for the fish. I may have taken about 30 or 40 paces through the murky water until I started to see a crimson tint in the water, it was undeniably blood the first glance I took. You could smell death as it hung throughout the air.

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Putrid. Slowly, the flames revealed what all had once suffered a terrible fate. Rotting corpses that were nourishing the Slaughterfish and other creatures that may dwell in these parts. The smell was absolutely horrible, way worse than anything I encountered in the wars. I used to help the medics the best I could back during that time, but nothing could compare to what was in front of me. A Khajiiti body was lying with its arms in a spread eagle type manner, while it’s legs had been gnawed down to the bone, as it lingered an inch over the blood-rich, murky water. I reached out to touch the body, curious of how long it may had been down here. When my hand barely touched the fur, I saw the strands just snap, break and fall right off. The cheeks of it’s face were sunken in and and an eye was missing, “By the Divines,” I muttered quietly. As I slowly started sloshing my way through the water, you could see the freshest body lying there. It looked like a High Elf, but as I approached, it turned out to be an Orsimer. The pale green skin was battered, bloodied with bruises and cuts, so I tried nudging the body with my boot, no signs of life from what I could tell. I wanted to look this dead Orc in it’s eyes, so I crouched over the body the best I could to look at the face. The body was still partly warm, rigor-mortis had not yet started, I’d say the body was fresh as in thirty minutes, to one whole hour. Looking closer, the teeth protruding out from the bottom lip had been chipped or filed down, the Orc was wearing a very strange necklace. I firmly wrapped my fist around the pendant, and yanked quickly, snapping the material holding it together.

“Where have I seen this necklace before?” I said, scratching my head curiously. It was a loosely woven silver chain, with what almost seemed to be an aura the chain itself was giving off. Eying the pendant a bit more, it looked comprised of a silver-like coating, but it was hollow. It had three scratches in the middle, and I was able to see the inners of it; It looked as if there was a fire raging inside, definitely giving the signs of an enchanted item. During the war, we had a special training camp purely dedicated to ID’ing magical items/weapons, those skills were definitely of use here, so i proceeded to take a look at the rest of the bodies here while I had the chance. A few bodies down here, were actually as old if not older than the Redguard I had stumbled across earlier, drier than the Alik’r Desert, to say the least. Lifting some of the bodies over to lay on their side was proving a little more difficult than I had anticipated, my arm bleeding through the wraps, not to mention the fish still swimming all around us. In an instance, I started to hear violent splashing. As I looked back, the Slaughterfish started to devour the Orc right in from of my eyes, shredding the flesh from his back, then the body slowly started to sink downwards into the red, bloody ripples. I took that as my queue to keep pressing on, holding my torch I illuminated the watery path ahead of me, and started sloshing forward again. As I was walking, I felt a dripping sensation, almost instantly glancing upwards. With my eyes, I saw another body just drop maybe 30-40 feet from above, free-falling, screaming right until cracking the back of their skull against the hardened ground. I froze immediately, staring upwards again to see if I could catch my eye on something, there was nothing. I quickly panned my head around once more, and decided to keep walking, drawing my bow and nocking an arrow. About that time, my torch just so happened to totter and fell into the water, extinguishing the glowing flames. The anger may have been silenced, but my body knew fear was in an uproar.

Scoping out my surroundings, it was dark, and very eerie given the past few minutes. The smell was horribly pungent, I could feel the beads of sweat trickling down my face and neck. Aside from all of that, I was starting to hunger pretty bad. Feeling weak, I kept telling myself there has to be something down here for consumption, but without fire, and my magicka energies depleted, a rat or going back for the wold seems like the best option. I don’t care if it’s raw or not, I need to keep my head. So I decided to keep walking, at this point, I didn’t care what came at me. “I’ll kill anything in front of me,” I muttered to myself. This narrow channel would serve in my favor if anything/anyone decided to pop out, plus the water had started to go down just a few inches, so I wasn’t sloshing about too loud. Obviously now, I am not alone down here, or whatever this place is. Walking with my left arm held up against the wall, something scraped up against my boot. Sounded like metal scraping across brick or stone, slowly I leaned over to feel around for it. Once I located this object, it almost felt like a butter knife if I had to make a weight comparison. In my hands, it felt rusted, but still kinda sharp. As I began walking again, I found a Moon on the wall and held this metal item up to the glow. It looked as if it was an shiv that was here for decades, I gripped this in my right hand rather tightly cutting the Moon off the wall, gravely lighting the watery channel.


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