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I tried to make a viable Frost DPS Warden and I the results were very dissapointing

Content of the article: "I tried to make a viable Frost DPS Warden and I the results were very dissapointing"

I wish they would make Frost damage a non tank-specific skill line.

For starters, I do not claim to be a superiorly knowledged player or to have tried every single combination of possibilities for this to work. I am a typical casual player who enjoys mostly high end PvE content. I also will not be covering 100% of every little thing I did, like CP tree point investments. Lots of typing.

I really enjoy playing my Warden healer, but the Winter's Embrace skill line definitely intrigued me since the Class's release. It being the only dedicated Frost skill line, I always wanted to try to make a viable Frost Mage. We have Sorc's for shock and DK's for fire, so I tried to see if the Warden could hold up as the Frost DPS.

Boy was that a mistake.

I tried the following sets as I figured they would be most optimal in dishing out/utilizing Frost damage:

  • Ice Furnace Set, which deals bonus flame damage when you deal Frost damage to an enemy 8 meters around that target, every 1 second.
  • Ysgramor's Birthright Set, which adds spell damage to your Frost damage abilities.
  • Iceheart Set, which gives you a large shield when you crit, and deals Frost damage around you within 5 meters as long as the shield holds.

All armor (minus jewlry) and Frost staff were Legendary Tier.

The skills I used were Force Shock, Wall of Frost, Impaling Shards, Frozen Gate, and Arctic Wind. Because of low range and Arctic Wind's small AoE, getting up close was necessary but not really endangering. The shields from Arctic Wind (and it's healing) and the Iceheart set gave plenty of protection, so being near the enemies, no matter who really, never posed much of a problem.

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After 2 hours of playing, my DPS maxed out right about an 11k reading on combat metrics. And that was really disappointing. I'm curious as to weather anyone has been able to make a viable Frost DPS Warden? This skill line is pretty much dedicated to tanks only, and I just wish that wasn't the case. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

-A casual player


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