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I want a more alien setting for a potential TES VII again

One thing I loved about Morrowind was the alieness and weirdness of the landscape, the culture (and architecture) and the creatures living in that province. At least I love it nowadasy, back when Mrrowind released I was a kid and thought it was too weird. Nowadays I find the architecture and culture really interesting and so different.

I think we can all agree on the Summerset Isles, Valenwood, Elseweyr and Black Marsh not being the setting for TES VI.

However if there will be a TES VII some day I hope the devs will decide for a more alien setting again. All of the 4 above named provinces are more alien in terms of their culture and geography. They're all smaller provinces as well.

What I would do: Make Elseweyr and Valenwood the main setting, Sommerset and Black Marsh DLCs. While each of them could get their own game keep a few things in mind: At the time a potential VII could release we're most likely in the mid to late 2030's. a) We (or at least I) don't want to be an old man before I get to see all provinces of Tamriel in single player games. b) By the time a potenital TES VII could releasethe techinical advancements are at a level where a game of the size of theentire southern part of Tamriel could be realistic where things have drastically changed for the better in terms of visual capabilities and in terms of what a console can handle in terms of size.

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Also Valenwood in particular, but also Summerset Isles (if you take the ESO version and the description of that place as measure) and Black Marsh could really show the technical advancements and be visually impressive. Imagine skyscraper high trees in Valenwood, lush forests with strange and magical plants and cities build inside trees or walking cities (as described for Valenwood), imagine the beautiful landscape of the Summerset Isles with their white beaches and beautiful yet strange forests or the wild and toxic swamplands of Black Marsh where you can take giant worms as a way to travel. I think Elseweyr and Valenwood would give a wide variety of landscapes with both deserts and gant forests whereas the Black Marsh as a pretty much unknown landscape and the beautiful Summerset Isles would be DLC provinces (or well parts of them like the main island of Summerset Isles and parts of Agonia).

This is why I also hope for parts of High Rock being in TES VI (with the focus on Hammerfell) since I personally wouldn't want a classic medieval Euro-centric culture and landscape as a full main game after TES VI again and having it as a part of TES VI makes it less likely to be the setting for a potential TES VII – which in return would make a more alien southern province likely. Hammerfell at least is exotic in nature though less weird and less alien, still a much appreciated setting for TES VI. I'd have a part of High Rock available in the base game and then further parts of it being made over several years in the form of DLCs.

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Okay, that was a lot of text. But who would agree with me? Hammerfall and to a certain extent High Rock for TES VI and DLCs and the more lush, gree and alien southern provinces of Tamriel as the setting for TES VII and its DLCs?


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