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I was pleasantly surprised by Falskaar’s intro

Content of the article: "I was pleasantly surprised by Falskaar’s intro"

I just had a wonderful experience with the introduction of a mod in a immersive way and I wanted to share it because I feel like this moment was special for me.

I recently started a hugely modded playthrough with a STEP baseline, over 250 mods in Mod Organizer which is my largest modded version ever!

Anyway, I started with a Roleplay heavy set of rules that allowed me to get a new experience that I always felt was challenging for me to get into. Immersion being the goal, I set off on my adventure without reading anything about two DLC sized mods I installed; Beyond Skyrim: Bruma and Falskaar.

An Imperial Soldier later, our mission is to retake the Rift and I decide to disguise myself as an adventurer as my renown is now growing beyond my control, tales of dead dragons taken out by the imperial armor wearing Dragonborn have spread throughout Skyrim. Leaving Lydia at camp I get into Riften with my disciple Lucian, engaging in a couple quests to get on the good side of the court.

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Whilst staying at the Bee and the Bard an old drunkard rattles on and on about this group of bandits he saw during a walk outside of town. I became fascinated by his problem because the known bandit group in the area welcomed them into their lair, I became worried that an army was slowly gathering right outside Riften. The Jarl and her steward didn't seem concerned so the old man was begging us to check it out. So we did.

We went there in the morning, slicing our way through the mine descending further and further down. We found a Dwemer ruin at the end of the mine, the Bandit Chief's journal gave us more information on the group that the old man saw, they had gone in the ruin to get a rare item.

Following their trail through the Dwemer ruin, mechanical spiders were surrounding us. We could hear a steam pipe in the backroom, but what we found was a poor scene, a barely standing automaton, a room full of corpses. They were looking for a strange door but were cut down before it could open. Their research showed me a path to open said door, a Lexicon had to be placed in the pedestal.

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The door wasn't so much a door, as it was a portal, we walked through to find ourselves in another part of the ruins, but the person in front of us informed us we weren't in Skyrim anymore.

We had traveled to the Island of Falskaar!!!

I was greeted by the intro screen to the mod and I got hooked. I loved how seamless the story I was playing got side stepped by the best surprise intro to a mod!

Are there any other mod that surprised your playthrough?


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