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Idea for a Skyrim LE / SE Mod Tree Database

Content of the article: "Idea for a Skyrim LE / SE Mod Tree Database"

I recently rediscovered Skyrim modding and after a while one of my main problems was to keep an overview about what mods, patches and fixes I am currently using.

I came to the conclusion while the Nexus is a great archive of available mods and also guides you a little bit with mod requirements, the platform lacks an overview of which mods are compatible/incompatible and what patches, fixes, forks, etc. are available.

It also lacks in integrating the community better into maintaining up-to-date informations.

A short breakdown of some of the functions the database should provide:

  • Of course a Modlist with meta data of mods (could be updated with nexus api if nexus id available)
  • List of Compatible / Incompatible Mods on each mod page
  • List of available patches, fixes, forks and upgrades for the main mod and/or incompatible mods (data provided by LOOT could also help and maybe one could share such information to provide LOOT some more user input)
  • I thought about having only one mod page for ported LE / SE mods (of course designed to make content distinguishable) but many times there is a lot of information one want to share for both games
  • Tutorial section for certain topics which can be used and shared to provide additional information
  • Useraccount:
    • Create own mod lists
    • Make mod lists available for public
    • Warnings/Additional information on mods which interfere with your mod lists
    • Add personal and public meta data to mods like tweaks and bug fixes which don't require a mod to be downloaded
    • Rate/Add mods, tutorials, requirements, compatibility lists, patches, etc. to make the database mainly community driven after some time
Read:  included Is there any mod for picking locks that requires key? If not, how hard would it be to make?

I just came up with the idea so I haven't thought about too many details right now but I have some main goals in my mind.

Unexperienced Users could use the database to discover mod lists made available for the public. While going through those mod lists you will always have up-to-date data about compatibility of the mods listed and you are not dependant on information made only available from the person which provided the list of mods.

Experienced users can use the database to check for actual patches, upgrades and fixes and see if there are, for example, patches which cover multiple mods at once.

If you check out a new mod you instantly see which of your currently used mods interfere with it and see all patches and fixes available.

Would anyone be interesed in such a thing?

I am currently thinking about making it a privat tool for myself to keep track of my stuff (which would be developed quicker but lack a lot of data) or make something public. The project would of course totally profit from other user input and a public version could also contain different games but Skyrim.

But I still don't know if anyone would use it and if there is any demand or if I am the only one making it such a hussle to keep track of their mods.


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