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Idea for an upcoming unarmed mod

Content of the article: "Idea for an upcoming unarmed mod"

Hello everyone,

I'm creating a mod in order to improve unarmed gameplay, and I'm looking for some ideas.

The main idea of the mod is to add a new spell mechanic that "enchants" your fists to deal additional damage : technically, it bounds an "unarmed weapon" (= that benefits from the unarmed damage buff) with a specific enchantment. At this time :

  • Fire : deals 6 additional fire damage to Health
  • Frost : deals 4 additional frost damage to Health and Stamina
  • Shock : deals 4 additional shock damage to Health and Magicka
  • Holy : absorbs 3 magic damage from Health, x2 against undeads.

Each hand is independent, so you can have a fire fist and a frost fist at the same time. You'll see a classical fire/shock/frost/etc… effect on your hand to show the current effect.

In addition to that, I added a new skill tree with new perks to enhance the spells. All effects only apply to the weapons added by the spell, not "classical" unarmed.

  1. Palm Strike : +2/3/4/5/6 base damage
  2. Tiger Strike : +20/40/60% attack damage
  3. Viper Strike : +10/20/30% attack speed
  4. Master of Elements : x1.5/2/2.5/3.5 elemental damage scaling
  5. Harmony : 1% of total stamina restored upon dealing damage
  6. Transcendence : 1% of total health restored upon dealing damage
  7. Acuity : +10/20% crit chance
  8. Long Reach : +30% reach
  9. Hand of Avatar : +3 base damage, +3 crit damage, +20% reach, +40% attack speed

The "base weapon" have a 5 base damage and 4 crit damage. So at maximum power, your fists have a base damage of 14 (5+3+6), which is the same as the deadric sword, and a speed of 170%, but as it is a bound weapon, there is no way to improve it at the forge.

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Because of the new skill tree, I also added a new Skill type (I have no name for the moment). You gain experience by hitting things. Every 5 skill levels, you gain a special perk point that you can only spend on this new tree. There is a Skill Level Requirement upon unlocking perks (like a normal skill tree). The damage scales with your Skill Level the same way vanilla weapons do (1 + Skill Level / 200).

It is not possible to add a new vanilla-like skill tree, so I implemented mine using lanterns and ropes ( Lantern glows when the perk is unlocked.

Everything described is already implemented. I'm asking you to help me find or improve ideas concerning this mod, eventually balance things. It can be new weapons, new enchantments, spells, perks etc… I'm not an artist so I have trouble adding new FX/Shaders/Model, but I'm a CS so scripting is totally fine, you can go wild on that (I think).

Thanks for reading !


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