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Idea – Simple Polygamy mod

Hello everyone. So we all know that Skyrim has a cool option to marry your spouse, right? That's good and all, but sometimes you can have a hard time picking who you want to be your fully committed sole spouse for your entire playthrough. I figured, why should you have to choose?

I know "To Have and to Hold" is already a mod, but from what I have seen it is incredibly buggy and no longer supported, and I don't want to risk crashing my game with it. And I'm also not sure if it's friendly with mod-added followers. The description page did say it was compatible with "follower mods", but there wasn't any indication as to whether it meant followers from mods, or mods that alter follower mechanics. And the comments section on the mod doesn't seem to mention any mod followers either.

I should also note that anything to do with changing scripts manually on my own in CK or another software is out of the question, since I am not skilled enough to alter skyrim so invasively. Hence why this is a request for someone else to make this into the mod.

Anyways, my idea for the mod is simple and convenient, and should hopefully allow for compatibility with most other mods.

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In my idea for the polygamy mod, it does not alter anything about the in-game marriage process itself, but rather the criteria for what would make someone be considered "married". So basically, you marry a vanilla NPC or any mod-implemented character that is integrated into the vanilla marriage system, and everything proceeds as it would normally in the vanilla marriage. And afterwards, you get romance/marriage dialogue from your spouse.

However, the game will not register you and/or your spouse as "taken", even though your spouse would still act like they were married to you. So this would allow you to marry another vanilla marriage-supported NPC, and then another, and possibly an infinite amount. But the game would never consider you married, allowing you to marry any amount of NPCs you'd like while still getting spouse behaviors from them.

Anyways, if anybody could make a mod like this, I would be extremely grateful. thank you.


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