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iEquip 1.5 has finally been released (it’s only taken me 16 months…)

Content of the article: "iEquip 1.5 has finally been released (it’s only taken me 16 months…)"

What's New in iEquip 1.5?

So finally, after many hundreds of hours of work over the past 16 months version 1.5 of iEquip has finally been released. Huge thanks to all who have helped me with the various new features, tweaks and enhancements. As I have said many times before iEquip would never have been possible without the collective effort of the development and testing teams, and the incredible advice and support I have had from other mod authors and developers far cleverer than me.

Aside from literally hundreds of fixes, tweaks and optimisations these are the key highlights:

  • Battle Royale style Auto-Equipping with optional hardcore mode (drop previous weapon)
  • Throwing Poisons – equip and throw any poison showing in the widget to do AOE poison cloud damage. Requires powerofthree's Papyrus Extender
  • Option to restrict widget function and what can be equipped when mounted (horseback or dragon riding)
  • All equipped items will now be displayed in the widget with full functionality even if Auto-Add is off (Auto-Add is now disabled by default as it's not really required any more). Temporary queue items will be removed automatically once unequipped.
  • Complete overhaul to the MCM, with settings grouped more logically and several settings removed or simplified
  • New Radial Charge Meter option for enchantment charge display
  • Full support added for many new mods including Combat Gameplay Overhaul, Item Durability, Torches Cast Shadows and many more – full details of all supported mods can be found on the Information page in the MCM
  • Several new widget layouts included
  • Ranged spells and staffs added to QuickRanged
  • QuickRestore/QuickBuff now includes resistance potions, combat skill buff potions and magic skill buff potions
  • Set your own custom names for the various tempering levels for your items
  • Two new Dark Souls style widget background options
  • MCM text colour toggle for use with paper UI mods like Dear Diary
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You can see the new features in action HERE

And Gopher has put together an incredibly complete

if you are new to iEquip which we highly recommend watching.

This version is released as a FOMOD installer with the option of either a regular esp if you are updating from a previous version, or an esl-flagged version if you are installing fresh. If you are using the esl-flagged version and also use Gamepad++ you will need to make sure you also install the new esl-flagged version of Gamepad++ at the same time or the keypress checking between the two mods won't work as intended.

We hope you get a lot of fun and enjoyment out of this new version, we've certainly had a lot of fun working on it. I am particularly proud of the Throwing Poisons, they were a lot of work but the end result is great fun to use. As always please feel free to drop in on our Discordif you have any questions, and we'd love to see some widget layout presets being shared.

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