The Elder Scrolls

I’m at a loss for what to do, anyone have any advice?

So I very recently got a brand new rig with some awesome specs, so I decided to buy ESO for the very first time as I played Skyrim and fell in love with it. However, I cant go much longer than 5 mins before being disconnected. 🙁 It's incredibly frustrating and i've been trying to troubleshoot everything and yet it seems i'm at a loss.

I'm on a wireless connection and unfortunately it's not possible for me to be on a wired connection. That being said I thought it was my wireless being too far away or something but i'm now on a mesh wifi system and i'm still facing the same issues.

Are there any other settings I can potentially run or things I can do in windows via the IP address or anything to try and minimize these disconnects. The game is fucking incredible and it's so disheartening for me to be dc'd every time It feels like I start to get into a groove. Also when I try to relog I get a couple diff error messages, one standard error cant connect to server, and then when I try to relog it says i'm already logged in and will not let me continue.

Any and all suggestions and tips welcome! Please if you game on wireless and have faced this and have maybe corrected it or minimized the issues please let me know what you did, i'm willing to try a multitude of things. Thank you.

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Edit: Or is this just a common occurence and requires an update to the servers? Cause if it's at this point out of my hands it might be easier to deal with haha. But any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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