The Elder Scrolls

im going to be making an updated and accessible tutorial for working with nifs in blender, is there anything youd like to see?

The first tutorial will be how to make basic edits, changing size, position, etc.

Ill be going through the entire work flow so people who have never used blender before can follow my tutorial and make basic edits and use it as a basis for making more complex edits as they learn how to use blender tools more

editing meshes sounds really intimidating but it doesn't have to be! You can already do it pretty painlessly with outfit studio but blender is a great additional tool to learn in addition to using outfit studio

Why am I posting this before i've made the tutorial? Well I'm posting this to ask if theres anything that people want a tutorial on so I can include it in my series of guides

the tutorial will focus on using the newer versions of blender over the old 2.49 because those already have tutorials

i'm currently in the process of learning enough to be able to put it into a tutorial, i'm doing the troubleshooting so you don't have to.

Ill eventually do updated tutorials on how to add weapons and armor to the game but thats a long way away

edit: right now im learning how to add all the proper entries to blender so I can explain how to edit 3d models that haven't been entirely setup for armor, weapons, etc to work with those things, I hope yall can wait a bit because it will probably be a month+ before I learn enough to write the tutorial lol, I might take less time but I want to give myself a bit of a buffer

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you can pm me on the nexus for basic troubleshooting if you want though

some links for yall if you wana try to putter around with stuff while waiting for me to write everything proporly

download previous blender versions

details about getting 2.83 working


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