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I’m making a Thieve’s Guild Expansion mod that adds more to the Thieve’s Guild and fixes some personal pet peeves of mine. Anyone have any suggestions on what else to add?


You can chose which hold to get a radiant quest in

New and more interesting radiant quests

Expanded market

Once you finish all the extra quests this mod adds, the tribute in the guild masters chest will be much larger.

As time goes on, the vault becomes much more visibly full.

After completing both special quests for a hold, you will be able to purchase property without need of becoming a thane, and for half price. Guards will not become hostile and you will not gain a bounty for any non-violent crime. Any bounty you do gain will be halved. Carriage drivers will not charge you, and horses will be half price as well.

(Drug operation?) Basement of the Honningbrew meadery.

Immediately after joining the thieves guild, you can activate any person if you have a weapon out, and attempt to rob them. This is an intimidation check based on your speechcraft skill and perks. If you succeed they will hand over anything they have worth over 50 gold and all coins. If they have no coins and nothing worth over 50 gold, they will say they don’t have anything and attempt to flee. If the check fails they will initiate a brawl except You can both use weapons rather than fists. If you win, they will go to the floor and give you whatever they have as if you succeeded. If you are the guild master of the thieves guild, this check automatically succeeds. Guards will become hostile if they see this, unless you have completed both special quests for the hold.

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Better/Different guild master’s armor

Gain control of the East empire trading company?


After completing the special quest for a hold, A new thieves guild den will open up in that city. These dens will have Foreman that operate each individual den. These dens will have smaller black markets, as well as more radiant quests exclusively within the hold they operate from.

Once the main thieve’s guild quest is completed, you can speak with these Foremen, and each one will give you a second special quest for the hold. These quests will be grander and more complicated than the previous. Once completed, you gain the ability to extort any shopkeeper within that hold for 100-500 gold (random) every 10 in-game days.

After all 4 holds are completed, Vex will give you one final special quest. She will instruct you to steal from the emperor himself. The quest is as follows:

The emperor has heard of the thieves guild’s antics in the holds. He has come to bring Skyrim and those damned thieves to heel. To assert his control on the law. And you must stop him. You will break into a vault, and steel the royal Crown Jewels. The Imperial Scepter, The Imperial Crown, and the Imperial Globus Cruciger. You can also optionally steel the Imperial Ring, the Imperial Ampulla, the Imperial Sword, and the most valuable and important of them all, the Great Eye of Cyrod. All these artifacts are worth ungodly sums of gold, but more importantly will bring renown such that the world has never seen. A true final quest

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You will also have the option to betray Nocturnal. After Mercer Fray is dead and the Nightingales all stand together in the exit tunnel, you have the option to kill Brynjolf and Karliah, right then and there. If you do, the quest to return the Skeleton key will fail/never start, and you will get a new quest to talk to Delvin. And the Skeleton Key will be yours. Nocturnal will curse the skeleton key, much as she did the gray cowl. While holding the skeleton key, you get a permanent -25% to all pickpocket chances, prices are 25% worse, and sneak attacks deal 25% less damage. (Subject to change). Once you talk to Delvin, you will get the option to lie to him and say Mercer killed the others, or tell him you did it. If you tell him you did it, everyone will become immediately hostile to you, and you will need to kill them all, taking everything for yourself. If you lie, Delvin will be shocked but compliment how you were able to survive. Once you follow the standard course of action in bringing the thieves guild to its former glory and beyond, it will instead be Delvin who coronates you as guild-master, and gives you the Amulet of Articulation. The shrine of nocturnal, will never appear. You will also gain new abilities and such from the key, alongside getting to keep it.

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