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Imperial Legion training and tactics?

I'm working on an upcoming Skyrim playthrough and am trying to figure out in-game sources on the Legion's training, tactics, recruitment, equipment, etc. It's pretty thin from what I've found so far and I'd love more resources. Here's what I have: any big ones I've missed?

  1. Manual of Arms ( I'm sure the game writers intended this as a guide for player to learn about different weapon types, but it's still packed with fascinating tidbits about " the various types of weaponry available for Imperial use" with a target audience of "all Imperial officers in the field." The implication that the Legion might've had both heavily-armored knights and "berserkers" in their ranks is super cool.
  2. Manual of Armor ( Thanks to General Warhaft, we get yet another manual packed with interesting details. This one suggests there are Legion roles for " light cavalry, archers, and raiding skirmishers," as well as " frontline infantry, pikemen, heavy cavalry or foot knights." Plus all officers are probably in heavy armor.
  3. The Great War ( Recent history on the Legion in Tamriel's newest largescale conflict. In addition to the history, it gives some sense of how the Legion recruited troops from different areas, overall strategy, and how they won Red Ring with an "unbreakable shieldwall of General Jonna's battered legions" (a Nordic force too!).
  4. Disaster at Ionith ( Older 2E history but still lots of great trivia about Imperial supply lines, how the Legion relied heavily battlemages in lieu of cavalry for "magical reconnaissance" and other long distance communication, Legion practice of establishing forts/outposts while invading large territories, and more confirmation about the Legion using shield walls.
  5. Killing – Before You're Killed ( Not explicitly a Legion manual but my guess is that Corvus (an Imperial) knows his stuff; he even (claims to have) trained Blades! A rank-and-file legionnaire might stick with a shield wall in formation, but I'd be surprised if they weren't learning lessons like Corvus was teaching.
  6. The Wraith's Wedding Dowry ( Not explicitly about the Legion but mentions the idea of "Imperial Knights" twice, which may confirm their existence after we've seen them in other books. Notably, speaks directly to the idea of an Imperial Knight as introduced in Manual of Arms! I think Imperial Knights were a bigger thing in Morrowind, and they might also have some connection to the Imperial Guard (
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There are some other scattered references here and there but these were the big ones I found so far. What are some other ones or other sources outside of the in-game books?


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