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Imperialization of Tamriel

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I am back, finally 🙂 Today I post about a very bland theme I read a few days ago: Imperialization of Tamriel. This is, the impact of Imperial culture in the Provinces, especially during the Second and Third Empires.

As always, I made a map to ease this short teslore essay. You can see it in Imgur. In black, you can see Imperial colonies and in red you can see Imperial forts/garrisons.

Influence by Provinces and regions:

  • High Rock, Hammerfell, and Skyrim: These three Provinces have very much in common. They are predominantly Human-populated and already civilized by Imperial standards by the time of their incorporation into the Second Empire. Furthermore, they are granted self-rule during both the Second and Third Empires. Then, Imperial effort in these provinces was to assimilate (especially into the Imperial cult of the Eight or Nine Divines), rather to colonize. Elinhir and Helgen are border Imperial settlements, but they are the only two examples of colonization. On the other hand, Second Empire's Orsinium was granted especial protection against Bretons and Redguards and so Frostbreak Fortress was built and garrisoned.
  • Valenwood and Black Marsh: Here, we have the opposite situation. Imperials tried to imposed their culture on Bosmer and Saxheel, but they simply step off and leave them be. So, the high density of colonies and forts in both Provinces. Due to their selvatic nature, their economy seemed primitive and undeveloped by Cyrodiil. Roads and forts were expensive to keep and when Imperial authority dissapears, nature simply take them back. At the end, both provinces had a limited development, and Imperial culture and the worship of the Eight or Nine Divines never took root.
  • Elsweyr: Khajiit's homeland is midway between the first two groups of Provinces. It is one of the oldest regions of Tamriel to be fully developed and "civilized", but Imperials were unsuccessful on trying to convert or assimilate the cat-folk. However, Elsweyr had a deep relationship with Cyrodiil and few garrisons were created due to a variety of reasons.
  • Summerset and Morrowind (mainland): The lands of the Altmer and Dunmer were given especial status during the Imperial rule. Morrowind was not part of the Second Empire and had more privileges than Summerset due to the Armistice, so religion was left untouched by Imperials and Dunmer had the right to self-rule, the Tribunal had the religious power, and slavery was legal. Summerset Isle was off limits, only allowing outlanders in Alinor and Auridon. Because of these reasons, Imperials simply rule indirectly over Altmer and Dunmer.
  • Vvardenfell and Solstheim: Vvardenfell was the big exception in Morrowind on Imperial settlement and had much in common with the neighbouring island of Solstheim. Until the Third Era, both islands were only inhabited by natives, but during the rule of Uriel Septim VII, many colonies were established looking for glass and ebony, most appreciated valuables monopolized by the East Empire Company. The Imperial Legion followed and founded forts to protect the settlers and the trade routes.
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