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Important notice to all animators

Content of the article: "Important notice to all animators"

Hello hello peeps,

I've just finished my next "tease" mod that's basically a 10 combo animations for unarmed combat and, I needed some cool design. A power attack had two animations and the character transitioning every frame between each :
Unfortunately in game, the character stayed arms crossed, without the flickering attack.

When I made my first animation, I asked what the animation framerate was and Shykiokira told me it was 30 fps. In my

, I advice to set it to 60 fps, after having tested, 60 fps gave smoother results. More precisely, he told me it was 30 fps with interframes. At the time I didn't get it and just assumed it was 60 fps as it was smoother.

Now, it seems using 60 fps only activate those interframes. But, still, these are only interpolating, not the actual keyframes used while making the animations. Here, the game interpolated between two crossed arms keyframes.

The consequence is that the game only take into account even numbered frames. But what happens if your animation is 55 frame ?

The last frame is not correctly exported. But at the same time your animation is not cut short at 54 frames. It's 55 frames with a ghost interframe. What happens ? Likely a T-Pose, or your character snapping to an odd idle before snapping back to the following animation.

How to correct that ? You need to download 3DS 2012 that isn't redistributed anymore, but it appears it can work with more recents versions so buy 3DS 2018. You may find a plugin to import animations somewhere. Find it, download it, integrate it in 3DS, import the animation, make your edit and export.

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Or, you could open the Blender file, drag the keyframe, click on export and it's done for free.

Animators, if you have a T-pose issue, you can fix it easily others can't. What if you stopped modding ? We gain nothing from modding, there's no interest in keeping things closed source. Especially when such a defect that ruins an animation can be corrected in literally one mouse click. Allow others to edit your work, upload your workfiles.


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