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In Desperate need of modding help for xbox 1!!!

Content of the article: "In Desperate need of modding help for xbox 1!!!"

Hello fellow modders, I am in desperate need of help with diagnosing my Skyrim crashing problems on the xbox one. I have been trying and failing to get the game to run without crashing to the main screen or getting a solid black screen with loud buzzing. I have been spending more than 12 hours a day trying to fix my mod load order for the past 3 weeks!!!! Not kidding on the time spent! I have been using the official load order modding list thats available on the nexus. I have been using and comparing other modders list on Youtube as well. I've done so much research I feel like a rocket scientist trying to pass their final exam. I've done hard resets, and even cleared my consoles memory of the game to ensure previous uninstalled mods aren't still interfering with my current mods! Please help me!!!! These are my mods in their current order. 1 – Unofficial skyrim special edition patch 2 – Campfire: Camping complete 3- Cutting room floor 4- Wet and Cold 5 – Vivid Weathers Definitive edition 6 – Enhanced trees for Skyrim 7 – lush Overhaul 8 – FOS: Forest of Skyrim 9 – Skyland 1k 10 – Better Dynamic snow 11- Static mesh improvement mod SE 12 – Ultimate HD fire Effects 13 – Divine embers HD by Mindflux 14 – Enhanced lights and fx 15- ELFX: Smim Patch 16 – Enhanced lights and fx – Exteriors 17 – Realistic waters two 18 – lonely Manor – A player home 19 – Frostvale – A player home 20 – (xb1) Lamppost of skyrim 21- Amazing follower tweaks 22- Hearthfire Multiple adoptions 23- Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions – Last name optional 24- Marriage All (xbox 1 ) 25 – Wear multiple rings 26- Clothing forge crafting 27- Melodic Hestia – CBBE curvy 28 – Big jump 5x 29 – The kids are alright 30 – KS hairdos female edition 31- Tempers kissable colors 32- Superior lore friendly hair 33 – Caliente's beautiful bodies enhancer 34- Asherz quality CBBE body replacer 35- Vitruvia – Skin texture overhaul ( male ) 36 – Elegant beautiful stunning eyes 37- Brows 38 – Asherz – Keely the fire blade ( follower ) 39 – Asherz – Reza the storm druid ( follower ) 40 – Asherz – Akemi the snowelf ( follower ) 41 – Cheat room 42 – Alternate start 43 – A quality world map – Classic 44 – A quality world map – Clear 45 – xp32 Skeleton and realistic ragdoll 46- Insignificant object remover 47- color patch remover 48- FPS eternal 49- FPS boost 50- Skyrim is windy.

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There are two mods that aren't listed that I want to use but RDO which requires the patch for RDO+AFT+CRF…. Or Dialogue overhaul framework with patch for that mod. Neither of these mods are working with my current mods. The exact problem I am having is that when I fast travel to anywhere… The game crashes. Its the same when using a carriage to travel. ( With any mod that overhauls dialogue and it starts happening the moment I get any of my modded followers. ) I figured mu followers just aren't compatible. But I've tried 15 other followers and its the same. I tried a few other follower mods that allows me to have mulitple…. Same story except it adds another issue: My followers don't follow. They just return to their original locations. When I try to talk to them, they say lead the way as if they are following me. Tried to dismiss them but nothing happens. When I had RDO active, I had it right above xp32. Then tried it at the very bottom with the patch under it. I just don't know what to do. Please, please help.


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