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Hi everyone

I wanna to deal with you the deck i'm working since these last months and how i love to play with for several reasons.

Firstly, Self Damage archetype isn't so popular on TESL while there is a good potential.

Secondly, Warrior version was the first shape but i prefer so far playing the Crusader one and i explain you why.

I find Crusader version very balanced against the several match up and this, thanks to the Willpower attribute. In fact, against :

  • Aggro > We have a lot of healing creatures (Guildsworn Revitalizer, Golden Initiate, Mehrunes Dragon's Seducer), tools to protect us as Defense of Bruma (could be activated T3) and other stuffs as Flaming Breath, Sword of the Inferno, Hlaalu Sharpshooter, Skaven Pyromancer…

The strategy is simple, don't try the run against aggro, control the board, buff Drain creatures and OTK the opponent if possible with Marauder Chieftain. If the aggro opponent hasn't his perfect starting and if we have some tools to stabilize our board, it's a good match up for us.

  • Mid > Depending on the kinf of Midrange decks, we can face the opponent if it's more midmid/midtrol than midgro as our Crusader deck.

Here, the support will have all his importance to kill in one or two turns the opponent. We need to summon all supports we can (hoping they don't destroy them) and preserving all stuffs dealing damages on our creatures for the OTK. Dawnbreaker will help us to finish they if possible. Marauder Chieftain is here a musthave. Overall, Mid decks aren't a bad match up.

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  • Control > The worst match up with Invade.

Don't wast your time, we need to face the opponent faster as we can. Execute is really awful for us and kills all our T2 creatures and T3 except Golden Initiate. Fire Blossom is annoying too. It's not dead everytime but it's clearly a bad match up. T4 creatures and Wordly Wanderer are helpful here, Thadon too. Hlaalu Sharpshooter will silence some cards with Guards or Drain enemy's creatures. Dawnbreaker is good too here.

  • Invade > Argh, Invade… well, if we don't destroy his first Gate before Invasion Party, it's dead for us.

Don't try to make the run, we don't usually kill before Turn 6. T2 as Wily Kee'va and Sword of the Inferno are nice, and T3 as Golden Initiate, Fearless Northlander, Mehrunes Dragon's Flayer too. It's a bad match if they high roll, otherwise it worth the shot.

The Willpower attribute is a really good part of this deck thanks to :

  • Guildsworn Revitalizer who is excellent against aggro deck and to activate Defense of Bruma T3.

  • Wily Kee'va a T2 creature with a great body.

  • Crusader's Assault which helps us to draw cards (love the trick with Sword of the Inferno on a 1/1 creature on the board and facing another creature = 4 new cards), trade Guard creatures for dealing last damages and buff Marauder Chieftain.
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  • Golden Initate, an excellent T3 Drain / Prophecy creature. not targeted on Execute. A musthave.

  • Dawnbreaker, the item useful in many situations, against aggro on a Drain creature, it activates Guildsworn Revitalizer on the turn it is played, gives, against Mid and Control +4 to finish an opponent.

  • Defense of Bruma is so great against aggro, since T3 or T4 for , magicka, buffs Marauder Chieftain depending on the number of our creatures on the board.

  • Mehrunes Dragon's Seducer. 3/6 with Drain and Breakthough for 4 magicka, a powerful lady, perfect for Defense of Bruma, not targeted on Execute.

  • Wordly Wanderer, so useful here to tutorize our Fighters Guild Hall, great body to take our damages, nice for Defense of Bruma. A musthave too.

  • Thadon, Duke of Mania, one of my fav TESL cards. Nice against Mid and Control if we summon him on the field lane while we want to face with our others creatures on the shadow lane.

Moreover, Marauder Chieftain is a masterpiece in this deck for OTK, he activates Defense of Bruma, be buffed thanks to Fighters Guild Hall and all the tools dealing damages. Mehrunes Dragon's Flayer and Fearless Northlander are the basis of the deck, and Flaming Breath an awesome action which will be almost played on Prophecy against aggro, otherwise we'll keep it for our turn.

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About the Win rate, on the last 19 games i run 16-3 so 84%. This season i play it on 3 ranks (whose from rank 2 until Legend) and still play it to run top100 and more if i've got time the rest of this month.

We kill opponent around ~T8 (T6 to T10+)

for screenshots i invite you to check !

Thanks to have taken your time to read all this description

The Elderscollsement vôtre,



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