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included Is there any mod for picking locks that requires key? If not, how hard would it be to make?

Content of the article: "included Is there any mod for picking locks that requires key? If not, how hard would it be to make?"

I thought such mod would already exist by now, even with warnings like "this mod WILL break quests, so use it with caution", but nope. I searched for it, but i couldn't find it. Yes i know, i can just click on the door and type "unlock" with console commands, but that's not immersive.

So how hard would it be really to make a mod for picking locks with required keys? It could be EXTREMELY hard, almost impossible, so it isn't worth the while, encouraging you to start the quest/find the key instead. As far as i know, no lock is truly unpickable, the master of all masters of lockpicking could do it. Our dragonborn can almost be a god in vanilla skyrim, so why not the everliving best lockpicker of the entire tamriel aswell? I mean, Mercer Frey can do it in that one quest where you find Karliah.

I can see the problems such mod can cause, such as breaking quests. But how hard would it be to make the mod and troubleshoot it? Vanilla quests can be tempered and changed so it skips a certain part of it. For an example, to complete Forbidden Legends, you HAVE to start the college of winterhold in order to enter Saarthal, which kills roleplay. If you're playing as a magick-hating nord, they wouldn't even think of even going close to the college in disgust.

Hypothetically, you'd need to change the college quest, (in case you're not playing a magick-hating nord and wants to become a mage later on, but still wants to enter saarthal before the quest anyway), the problem is the way is loaded with quest scripts, so you can't go further unless you pass those scripts. This can be achieved by removing the blockages or making the quest scripts to work while out of the quest, for an example: You being able to destroy the wall thing with the amulet and dispel the barrier yourself, so you'll be able to kill Jyrik Gauldurson. Of course, you'll have to change the quest objectives aswell, like, removing the objective for taking the amulet and Tolfdir's scene where he dispels the barrier.

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I'm NOT saying all of this is easy to make, mod authors that are able to change vanilla quests are skilled! (mod authors in general are amazing and skilled actually) I'm simply asking if it really is possible to do. I think a nice feature aswell would be unlocking chained-opened gates by shooting an arrow at the chain from the other side and being able to pick those ancient nord ruins shortcuts that are pretty obvious to spot.

TL;DR: How hard would it be to make a mod that allows you to pick locks with required keys? Considering you'll have to change quest objectives and scripts?


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