The Elder Scrolls

Independent Adventuring Factions update, and the philosophy of game design

Hi folks! First, some good news:

Independent Adventuring Factions

— Quick : These groups dive into dungeons independent of the player, offering some help (or rivalry!) along the way. The prototype group recovers equipment from fallen adventurers. —

Just finished further testing of prototype: the group retrieves items from the target, and then brings them back to their own custom merchant — the player can then legally purchase the recovered items. Some players might try to cheat and loot the body before the recovery team arrives — but if the leader catches you in the act, you're in for trouble!

This adds a whole new dimension to static dungeons:

  • Early in the game, the player can tag along and effectively play support to much stronger and more experienced adventurers.
  • There's always the temptation to sprint ahead at the last minute to loot without being caught — but that might mean getting trapped in a boss fight.
  • Recovered equipment will include rare and wonderful / unique items that the player can't get anywhere else. Watching and / or helping the Reavers could be a big boon for the player!

Here are some links to the <original> and <new> image galleries. Next I'll be adding a bunch of new locations and unique items. Stay tuned!

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Philosophy of Game Design

Speaking of modifying gameplay — /u/LordTccasanova just posted a new <video> on his channel where we talk about key elements of game design, including how landmark franchises like Skyrim, Dark Souls, and Star Wars become foundational experiences. They can be much more than "the game / movie you compare all others to", but an actual window into yourself — who you were when you first experienced them. And, of course, there's plenty of stabbing, explosions, and beheading of immortals. Good times. 🙂

Where to Get Stuff

Main Nexus page <here>. Big thanks to folks on my <Patreon> for voting on what to develop next, and those on that keep me alive with that sweet, pure-cut Colombian Arabica. 🙂

Stay safe out there! Cheers!


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