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Is daedric armour overrated?

I am certainly NOT saying that daedric sucks or anything, however, there are a few reasons why I think that it may not be worth getting.

1) There are several heavy armour artifacts that have a higher armour rating and that have useful enchantments (and are usually lighter), making daedric obsolete for the most part, especially late game. Excluding the boots which are tied with the much superior Ten Pace Boots, only the grieves and pauldrons stand on their own in their respective slot for armour rating.

2) Daedric is absurdly heavy, weighing 354 pounds for a full set. Compared to ebony, which is also a very high quality armour, weighs around 120 pounds less, and it is much easier to get. New characters won’t even be able to make use of daedric without trying to have full of strength enchantments, and you’ll be slow as fuck, often getting easily encumbered. Note: Point 1 supersedes point 2.

3) Daedric is incredibly rare; without the expansions, the only way to get a full set of armour is to do one of two things: either kill an essential character, which can ruin your Main Quest if not done properly, or you destroy his armor and pickpocket it, which is much harder and takes much longer. Even with the expansions, finding daedric is almost impossible without guides.

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Daedric is a gem to find, it’s iconic, it’s badass, however, there are much easier and better alternatives that make me question if daedric is really worth trying to get (even in the long run) if you already know the locations of much better (and easier obtained) stuff and have already played the game prior.

I feel like daedric adds an awe if you’re a brand new player to Morrowind (and are lucky enough to actually find it), but very lack-luster to experienced players. I can only see a Daedric Tower Shield being worth trying to get (which only spawns rarely on Golden Saints) due to the high enchant value, but even then, Eleidon’s Ward is already a crazy shield in my opinion.

What are your thoughts?


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