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Is ESO worth investing time and money into?

Content of the article: "Is ESO worth investing time and money into?"

I’ve been a long time fan of the fallout series, and have played about 500 hours on fallout 76. The game is fun at the beginning and mid game stages but the fun drops off as time passes. By the end game, the only things to do are XP grinding, helping low levels out, grinding daily quests/events (And hoping you get rare drops), and grinding legendaries (And praying to Todd that they drop god-roll equipment). Its hard to see the game improving, even over a long time period, I think I should switch to another MMO, and from what I’ve heard, ESO is the best out there.

It feels like fo76 is a constant source of disappointment, mainly from bugs resulting in: building glitches (Which can only be fixed by restarting your CAMP from scratch), duplication glitches (Which results in the value of top items being worth little, while also creating an ‘elite’ community, where players only want to trade god-rolls for other god-rolls – most of which are duplicated), and server-client issues (Resulting in damage not registering to enemies on the server side). The game seems to be focused on the atomic shop, an online store that is updated weekly and charges £20 for one skin, £15 for bugged CAMP items – in my opinion a games main content shouldn’t be low quality, extortionate micro transactions. The community isn’t much better than Bethesda, a recent update which improved how damage works caused many players to take up arms on the fo76 subreddit, with posts along the line of “I can’t one hit kill anything now! The update even forces me to use healing items!”.

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I’ve never played any elder scrolls games before, so this would be my first real exposure to that side of Bethesda – though I’m assuming it’ll be a lot more similar to fo3/nv than fo4/76. I’ve been aware of ESO for some time, it looks like a great multiplayer game, with a lot of features that fo76 is lacking, but I wanted to see what other people think of it before investing too much time into it. Are there any other players who were originally on fo76 and transitioned over to ESO who have a similar story to myself? Are there any game breaking bugs, like in fo76, that would completely ruin the experience for me? Is there a welcoming, level-headed community.. or does it split in two whenever a new update drops? Is the game worth playing.. or would I just be setting myself up for disappointment?

Edit: I‘m on Xbox One for community/bug related comments.


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