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Is it just me, or is battlegrounds kinda unplayable right now? (Genuine Question)

Content of the article: "Is it just me, or is battlegrounds kinda unplayable right now? (Genuine Question)"

I ask because since ZOS moved Rapid Maneuver from Rank 1 of assault to Rank 5 of assault, a half my alts have lost access to the skill, which means I have to run them through battlegrounds to try to rank them back up.

Now, I actually quite liked Battlegrounds before, I just haven't had a chance to play it recently, so I didn't mind that too much. I remember there always being some minor issues, but over the last 5 games, the performance I'm actually getting is borderline unplayable:


  1. Enemies will appear to be moving smoothly. However, roughly every 4-5 seconds or so, they will teleport to a completely new location, often with no relation to where they appeared to be moving even a second before.
  2. Usually when I am killed, it will be very jarring and sudden; appearing on my screen as if it were only a one or two attacks. Yet, the damage readout I get post death will tell me I was hit by many, many things, none of which ever appeared on my screen.
  3. I am losing a staggering number of inputs. Weaving is literally impossible. AoEs, even with instant cast on, often fail. Dodging happens on a delay, only after spamming the key. Stun-breaking almost never works.
  4. Sometimes even though I can clearly see I've killed someone with an execute (Endless Fury, in this case), damage numbers and all, I get 0 credit for the kill. It won't even give me assist credit. And yes, this was in Deathmatch, so I know it wasn't a case of differing game modes.


I was totally prepared to write this off as bad ping, but the thing is, the "/latency" command confirms for me my latency in-battleground is actually only at around 90-110 ms. No frame drops or anything either, just the worst rubber-banding I've ever seen in my life.

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At the end of the day, my question is this: Is this considered normal for battlegrounds right now?

Because if so, I'm going to need to find another way to get my alts their AP.


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