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Is it possible to create another way of scripting in Skyrim?

Content of the article: "Is it possible to create another way of scripting in Skyrim?"

I have noticed many modders and mod users complaining that Papyrus is goofy and that by installing just a few script heavy mods it can wreak havoc thanks to script lag breaking everything (Is it because Papyrus scripts have a limit set by the devs? What if we tried to break that limit so we could run more scripts before it starts to slow down everything?).

So to my understanding Papyrus is very simple and quite poor, and it would be a big improvement if we had a way to load other languages in Skyrim. Has anyone tried to create a lua loader? I know that's a very basic language but it is so easy to learn which would allow for more optimized mods.

There's Ultimate ASI Loader (You can easily find it with a google search) which basically allows any game to load .asi plugins (renamed .dll) and it works in Skyrim! Apparently we have our own alternative which is SKSE but it is so underused for some reason, only a few modders use it and most of the time it's just for the SkyUI MCM functions. I see most modders relying on cloak spells for scripting. Why's that? Is it because the language used is quite hard to learn for some people? If that is the reason why, totally understandable because it is indeed very challenging for those who are unfamiliar but I would love if we had some research on alternatives.

Oh and I noticed that the guy that mantains ASI Loader for other games like GTA V did create his own version for Skyrim which is called ScriptDragon, for some reason people don't recommend and are afraid of it (check the nexus comments, someone called it a dangerous framework like what?) even though it's just a .dll loader.

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EDIT: I have seen many games with the same issues that Skyrim modding currently has being fixed that way. GTA San Andreas is one of them, before the limit adjuster mod was created, many things were deemed impossible because of the engine not allowing it, because it had limits (like having lots of high poly models loading at the same time, adding new models instead of replacing, adding new islands in the map. Nowadays modders can do way more than just islands lol, they managed to unite the map of GTA III, Vice City, Manhunt and Bully in GTA San Andreas which is amazing, all thanks to the limit adjuster. Now imagine having Oblivion and Morrowind map converted to Skyrim and in the same worldspace? THAT WOULD BE POSSIBLE!). Hell, GTA San Andreas handles limits worse than Papyrus. Instead of halving the speed in which things are loaded when they hit the limit like Skyrim does, in GTA the game just crashes and gives you no warning at all. That issue and many other issues were solved by creating a limit adjuster, which allowed more stuff to be loaded. I have no idea how they managed to hack the limits of the game but maybe if we contacted them, we could get some information and attempt to reproduce the same in Skyrim? That would revolutionize the way we mod Skyrim, allowing script heavy mods and etc to be loaded smoothly. I believe we already have a limit adjuster for animations/behaviors right? Correct me if I'm wrong but FNIS/Nemesis allows custom animations to be added, that's something.

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EDIT2: If anyone is interested into researching the limit adjuster, click here. It is open source so anyone can research the code!


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