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Is it possible to delay With Friends Like These?

Content of the article: "Is it possible to delay With Friends Like These?"

Idk how to create mods, but I know we have a Not So Fast mod for the main quest & the college of Winterhold so I know it's possible to delay quests, but with the way this quest starts up as soon as you go to sleep after Innocence Lost is completed, it's probably hard scripted into the game. So I was wondering, is it possible? I always found this so abruptive with how we don't usually go to sleep (without a mod to make us oftenly sleep like a normal person would) but instead run around, then that one random time we do use the bed it teleports us all the way into the marsh.

What is your head canon with how Astrid found out about you so quickly & waits until you're asleep? Since this happens immediately, let's say you go straight for the inn (or home) to turn in for the night then does she visit the boy not only in the same day but minutes after you leave the Aretino estate? & collects as much info on you from then on & stalks you? How would she be able to kidnap you without not just you waking up & noticing, but past the innkeeper & other npcs/or housecarl with your body (depending on where you slept), & even the guards at the gates of the city, not to mention any followers you have? Taking us all the way to the cabin in the marsh of Hjaalmarch is a very long trek carrying an unconscious body, & she somehow has time to capture 3 more people before we wake up?…

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Just how does she not get caught here? It just seems like way too quick for this to trigger, realistically I'd have it set to be a week before you're captured at the minimum – because before you go after your target who stole one of your contracts & initiate them into your little dying cult, your other targets for them takes time to be captured as well from who knows where. It's like she literally waited for someone to steal this contract from her with how fast it goes, are they that desperate for new recruits? She seemed pretty happy ruling over the few assassins before we & Cicero came along, even tried to have us killed during the whole emperor assassination ordeal, fearing the old ways being better for them & losing what little power she had.

She had to know that some amongst any that would join some might question/challenge her leadership with how rundown they are, incompetence at its finest. & before any of you mention invisibility, (for her not getting caught) interacting with us would break it. (Not to mention they would have to be potions of invisibility too, as I'm pretty sure she wouldn't know the spell, as it's an expert lvl spell requiring a lot of both knowledge in illusion & magicka)

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What do you guys think on this whole thing?


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