The Elder Scrolls

Is Lyg the equivalent of the Matrix ?

In the sense that Lyg was never Tamriel or Nirn in reality, but a dimension created by Lorkhan to experiment on creation

He wanted to see the best and worst possible outcomes of his innovating idea before he could finally create the “real” Mundus as we know it.

Maybe Lyg was a world of simulation where all the spirits had to experience every type of horror in order for Lorkhan and the Aedra to know what the beauty of Life can offer. The adjacent plane may have been used by the et’ada to experience what a world such as Mundus may look like before actually building it.

However, things may have went overboard to the point the Et’ada agreed they could no longer continue the project. Lyg was a classic case of an experiment gone bad.

Due to the suffering many spirits had to experience during the experiment, Lorkhan was blamed for building the “artificial Mundus”

Lyg was supposed to be a simulation of Paradise, but ended up being a Prison shaped by chaotic forces beyond divine control (Padomaic forces)

The question is, could Lyg have been intentionally made by Lorkhan to be his Prison to escape ?

He might have already known of Anu and Padomay but wanted to experience the two forces in their most unadulterated form. Although, because of his actions, sh*t hit the fan real quick.

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Maybe when seeing the negative outcomes of Lyg, the rest of the divines who participated decided to blame Lorkhan in order to avoid looking like culprits who were a part of the plan.

But little did they know, that’s what the Trickster wanted…

However, some et’ada such as Kyne, Auriel and Mara still learned many lessons from the failure that was Lyg and believed that they understood what it took to create a better world in the form of Mundus.

Therefore, they might have proceeded to create Mundus with their traumatic experience building Lyg (a.k.a their Memory of how to create)

Because they depended on the experience and wisdom of witnessing Lyg to create Nirn they might have unintentionally passed down all their memories of Lyg into the spirits of the new world they made (i.e : Lorkhan being the inspiration behind their desire to create, and Lyg being a Paradise turned to hell)

This might have caused the likes of Meridia to help them full fill their ambition of creating a new world by Destroying the old world that continued to haunt their past.

If spirits on Nirn were to believe their world was an ideal haven of natural order, the Memory of a failed world had to be removed from existence by a being named Mehrunes, the Prince was the Hope of the Magna Ge because they depended on him to make sure the failure of “project genesis” never occurred again.

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Tl;dr : Lyg was a simulation of Mundus in order to know how to create a world of mortals

But Lorkhan secretly designed it to be a Prisoner

Meridia created Dagon to destroy Lorkhan’s Prison

Aedra are the spirits shielding everyone from the ugly origins of Creation (that Life was first made and known in a Prison)


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