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Is the altmer Nurarion the Perfect a dragonborn?

So i was reading some lore about the Summerset Isles on the website uesp, to create the backstory for my skyrim altmer build, and came across this:

"Sunhold's early history dates back to an ancient clan of Altmer that lived in the area. The tribesmen, Ulorome discovered a lowly egg in an abandoned nest of gryphons and took it back to the tribe for a hearty feast. The tribe reveled around the egg with ancient songs of hearth and family, which in turn gave it life and birthed a fledgling gryphon named Cel-hinwe. Ever since then, Ulorome's lineage ruled over modern-day Sunhold as kinlords and Cel-hinwe's progeny became the city's legendary dynasty of warrior gryphons, intertwined with the city's leaders, to the point where one cannot exist without the other. The city evolved into a sprawling fortress and a bustling metropolis that has long since been sought after by King Orgnum of Pyandonea. Thus began a long-lasting tradition of the Maormer attacking Sunhold. One such incident involved Nurarion the Perfect, brother to the King of Sunhold in the Merethic Era, who used his voice of unrelenting destruction to thwart Orgnum's sea storms. But his voice was too powerful for his country to withstand, and so he was forced into exile, which eventually brought him to the mythic-hero, Khunzar-ri. "

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Now i've never played Eso, so i don't know if it's explained there, but you guy and gals probably know more than me. So is it possible that Nurarion the Perfect was dragonborn? Or new the ways of the thu'um?

(note: i already posted this on r/teslore but maybe more people will see this here.)


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