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Is there a good explanation behind why the Volkihars in Dawnguard act the way they do?

It's never been clear to me how some of the characters know what they know (or how they know it). For example:

Harkon — What does he actually know about the prophecy? Because the events of Dawnguard (esp. if you join the vampires) indicate that he doesn't know anything other than "the sun will go out one day." Like, he doesn't know about Auriel's Bow (you find that in Serana's scroll), and he doesn't know that he needs her blood. He only finds out about the bow if you play on the vampires' side, and he never finds out that he needs Serana's blood (it's implied that only Vyrthur and Valerica know about that aside from you + Serana). So from his perspective, would it make any sense that you and Serana suddenly show up out of nowhere during Kindred Judgment with the bow and try to kill him and his court? Because it doesn't seem like he should know why you're there and so intent on murdering him. I know he's supposed to be an evil, obsessed bastard, but up until Kindred Judgment (where he still shouldn't know anything else about the prophecy but seems to have learned all about it anyway), we don't actually know for certain that he'd interpret the prophecy to mean killing anyone and that he wouldn't be open to the suggestion of just shooting the sun every day with a drop of Serana's blood (esp. if on vampires' side).

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Valerica — My main confusion with her is how she knows what is in the scroll she has. She's not a moth priest, so how did she read it? Also, why does she automatically assume that using a Daughter of Coldharbour's blood means you have to kill said Daughter? I get that she doesn't want the prophecy to happen anyway, but she acts like her motivation was also just to protect herself and Serana. We see later on that it only takes a drop of blood from Serana to take out the sun for a day, so it's clearly not an all-or-nothing type of thing. Even if the goal was to permanently block out the sun, wouldn't it be more logical to experiment with the amount of blood you add to the bow and how long the effects last? Then you could actually make some estimate of how much blood you'd need for your goal?

Another thing about Valerica is that she clearly knows that you and Serana are trying to find the bow and intend on facing Harkon, yet she refuses to come with you partly because she thinks Harkon will know she's come back and partly because she thinks having her around doubles Harkon's chances to fulfill the prophecy. OK, maybe Harkon could find out if she's back. But is it really safer to let the LDB and Serana do this alone? She's supposed to be a lot stronger than Serana. Surely the two of them + LDB stand a better chance against Harkon? Because otherwise it just sounds like she's allowing the two of you to put two very important components to the prophecy — the bow and Serana — right in Harkon's grasp and have worse chances of coming out alive (thus actually making it MORE likely for the prophecy to come true). Also, what was her plan anyway? Just to stay in the Soul Cairn forever? I know she's supposed to have been betrayed by the Ideal Masters and trapped, but then again, it's never stated that she's asked them for more power (presumably to help defeat Harkon). What is explicitly stated is that she asked them for refuge in exchange for souls. So did she ever plan to return? She calls you an idiot if you suggest killing Harkon, so that implies that she doesn't plan to do that. So her plan was to just leave Serana locked up and to sit in the Soul Cairn forever?

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Serana — OK, so she doesn't know that she's in danger because she doesn't know her blood is useful. But she nonetheless agrees to get locked up — potentially forever, given Valerica gave no indication of when or if she'd return. I understand blind trust, but that's a bit extreme, no? Also, she presumably knows that the scroll she has is really important and dangerous (and is part of the reason she was locked up), yet the first place she brings it when she wakes up is straight back to Harkon.


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