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Is there an alternative for Don’t Speak To Me Forcegreet Disabler for SSE?

The mod author's permissions are open so I am surprised no one has ported to SSE yet. It is so handy for stopping all those NPCs from bugging you for the 40 gazillionth time.

The following have been changed to disable their forcegreet packages:

  • The Orcs who stop you when you walk near an Orc settlement, even if you're just passing by and haven't actually gone near the gate *4 (Important: See notes below)
  • The fugitive who chases you up a mountain to give you random crap of random crap enchantment while you're fighting dragons and dragon priests.
  • The hunter who chases that fugitive.
  • The bandit at Valtheim Towers who demands you pay a toll you have no intention of paying.
  • The bandit at Robber's Gorge who does the same thing.
  • The thief who tries to mug you on the side of the road.
  • The waitress who rushes over to force open the game's most useless barter menu when you sit down in an inn. (compatible with Immersive Wenches) *1 (see notes below)
  • The madwoman who runs up to you spouting nonsense and won't go away and who causes a bounty if you try to make her go away.
  • The frightened woman who ran away from bandits and is lost until you point to the city in plain view right behind her.
  • The guard outside Falkreath who wants to know if you've seen a dog. *2 (see notes below about this)
  • The housecarl in Markarth who asks a stupid question when you get close to the jarl.
  • The bandit mage who challenges you to a duel when you arrive in a city.
  • The random, friendly NPC who gives you a random useless object. (You still get the gift)
  • The Redguard who stops you to ask for help finding a woman in Whiterun, but refuses to say why.
  • The bandits wearing Imperial armor they just looted from dead soldiers.
  • The children who run up to you in the middle of nowhere peddling random Dwemer junk.
  • The drunken reveler who won't shut up about Honningbrew Mead.
  • The surgeon inside the Ragged Flagon.
  • The hunter who wants you to help attack a netch.
  • The Argonian woman who wanders the Riften docks muttering to herself and wants you return something to a Dwemer ruin.
  • The guard who follows you all over Windhelm to start that serial killer quest that has always been broken and always will be regardless of how many times the Unofficial Patch tries to fix it.
  • The courier who stops you to give you a stupid message about a side quest you don't care about, even if enemies spawned right behind him when you arrived. *3 (see notes below about this)
  • The random person who rushes over to comment on the thing you just picked up, even if that's a bandit who shouldn't even know you're there because you're sneaking and now detects you and now you want to strangle a Bethesda dev.
  • Irileth, who rudely follows you all over Dragonsreach with her sword drawn (just speak to the jarl to continue the quest).
  • Brynjolf, who follows you all over Riften and won't leave you the hell alone when you just want to sell loot. Also fixed inside the inn.
  • Maul, who stops you to ask stupid questions when you first walk into Riften.
  • Eltrys, who stops you in Markarth after you first arrive to start a quest everybody hates and nobody wants to do.
  • Vigilant Tyranus, who stops you over and over and over again to ask about the empty house.
  • Gulum-Ei, who grabs you in a long conversation right next to bandits who otherwise wouldn't detect you until after you've dealt with them.
  • Suvaris Atheron, who demands to know if you hate Dark Elfs the moment you arrive in Windhelm. *5 (See notes below)
  • Viarmo, who stops you when you first walk into the Bard's College.
  • Sofie, who chases you all over Windhelm to sell you flowers.
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