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It would be cool is ES6 had a Vermintide 2 like combat system.

Hello everyone I'm super excited for the new elder scrolls game when it eventually comes out but my main issue with the ES games in my book is the combat. The melee doesn't really feel like you're hitting anything and you don't have any defensive options to try to avoid attacks in the base vanilla games other than sprinting.

Vermintide 2 is a game I've been playing for a while now and it has a great combat system with a few things I think would be cool to see implemented in ES6.

They have a dodge/sidestep feature in order to completely dodge enemy attacks. I think this is probably one of if not the most important things ES6 has to implement in vanilla Skyrim and Fallout 4 when in melee your only real option is to just tank the enemies damage when in melee range. Dodging would make combat feel more dynamic and not just hit a thing until it's health goes down type fest. (Note I don't mean dark souls rolling its more like a quick sidestep dodge like the one present in vermintide 2 which I like a lot more)

Idk how vermintide does it in it's game but when you hit something in vermintide is actually feels like you're hitting something. Like with the melee weapons for example you the games make s you feel like you're actually slicing/smashing the rats in front of you. This also extends to the magic / ranged weapons to where it actually feels like the arrows/bullets/magic are connecting with the enemy due to the enemy animations / some other things that contribute to the overall game feel of the ranged/melee feeling more realistic.

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A couple things I think contribute to this is how enemies heads/other limbs get chopped off without the need for a special animation like in skyrim but just in regular combat, how attacks usually have a part in the middle of the crosshair of where a attack lands that stops for a brief second to show that it connected with something, when attacking with ranged weapons the weapons feel like they have more impact due to the knockback the enemies animations show) (Also I think the limb targeting system from fallout 4 would work great if by targeting certain limbs in ES6 you can disable parts of an enemy , vermintide 2 does this as well

Also maybe a charge up magic system would be cool as well. In vermintide 2 the mage character have charged up ultimate attacks. The mage has a cool flame dash ultimate where she can dash quickly through enemies while setting them on fire. I think that would be cool because it would be nice to give mages more defensive options to entirely avoid damage other than sprinting away. Also she has a ultimate aoe blast that attacks all enemies around her. I think that would be cool because instead of being able to just cast your strongest magic at the beginning of the fight you have to wait for it on a timer in order to keep fights interesting even in the later portions of the game.

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Also a possible dwemer engineer character would be cool like in vermintide or even the one possible in EniaSianon's mods. In vermintide 2 the dwarf engineer has like steampunk weapons (like a cog hammer/clockwork guns) similar in the vein of dwemer tech (since they're all powered by steam) that I think would be cool if you could have a build that could mainly just focus on making dwemer tech

Now the combat doesn't have to be perfect in ES6 (due to ES6 would have a much higher scale of what's in their game) but I just think it would be really cool to see some of these systems form a contemporary fantasy action game like vermintide 2 make it into the newest elder scrolls when it eventually comes out.

(mainly though I hope they implement a sidestep dodging feature and melee/ranged attacks feel like they're actually hitting enemies)


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