The Elder Scrolls

Janiath’s Adventure pt.2

After talking with people it sounded like you wanted a part 2 so here it is! Let me know if you like it 🙌

Before Janiath could compose herself over the unease hiss and chill of the wind she was struck by an arrow which hit her right shoulder. Reaching for her empty bottle of mead to hit whoever did it she found herself becoming limp and weak and collapsed to the ground with a great “CRY”. Bjorlif began to unsheath his bow and draw an arrow cautiously. Before he knew it he saw a Crack of lightning wizz past his head and scorched the tree behind him. After narrowly escaping the first attack he quickly loosed an arrow in the general direction of where the lighting came from and seconds later a body fell out of the mist clambering towards him. He quickly drew another arrow to finish the foe off but two more enemies leapt out of the mist dressed in chainmail armor and charged Bjorlif. Carrying an axe in each hand, one blow would be fatal. Bjorlif, noticing the threat that the two posed he quickly took aim and loosed his second arrow. The arrow flew straight cutting straight through the wind whistling as it went but it deflected off the armor and split in half on rocks behind. He drew his next arrow making sure to pay close attention to the attackers knowing that this would have to count otherwise his death was certain. He looked for a weak point in the armor and noticed a small area of the neck which was unshielded by the metal and quickly loosed his arrow at the attacker’s neck. The arrow wizzed straight through the air and pierced his weak spot. Blood gushed out and into the face of the other attacker as he fell to the ground now incapacitated. The distance between the two was now non-existent, Bjorlif took the initiative and hit the attacker with his bow which stunned him for a moment. Before Bjorlif could unseath his knife he was pushed to the ground with a vicious butt from the attackers axe and all of his arrows were cast upon the floor. The attacker continued the attack and swung furiously but Bjorlif rolled out the way and grabbed an arrow. He lured the attacker in for another swing. As his arm swooped down Bjorlif swung his bow into the elbow of the attacker making him miss and over commit to the attack. Having fallen after the blow Bjorlif quickly seized the opportunity and stabbed the attacker with the head of the arrow in the neck. The head pierced his throat and with his blood rushing to the open air the warrior collapsed onto Bjorlif covering him in blood. Bjorlif was not the man he once was and was tired from the battle. He tried to push the attacker off him but he couldn’t so he instead pulled himself out from under the man. After finally getting out from under the now dead carcass he said out of breath “I am too old for this”. Battle now done and adrenaline dying down Bjorlif pulled himself to his feet and felt a sudden pain in his leg “AAArrrrrhhh” he exclaimed. His leg had broken from the fall, bent and disfigured he knew he had to seek medical attention but first he would need to check if Janiath was alright. Bjorlif quickly grabbed his bow and hobbled over to Janiath seeing the death and fog begin to dwindle along the way. He knew this would be a day he would never forget. After seeing Janiath lying on the floor incapacitated Bjorlif examined the wound and pulled out the arrow as a faint sigh came from Janiath. Blood quickly streamed out of Janiath. Bjrolif ripped off a piece of his shirt and wrapped it around her wound slowing the flow of blood. He knew he would need to quickly cauterize the wound but first he noticed a distinct smell coming from the arrow. After bringing the arrow to his nose to get a better sniff “She had been poisoned” he quickly exclaimed. He turned to the dead attacker and searched intensively for an antidote. After opening a pouch on his belt Bjorlif finally noticed two vials, one said Mandrake Bane and the other Mandrake Revival. He knew he needed the revival vial and quickly cracked it open and poured the disgustingly smelling liquid into Janiath’s mouth while holding her nose so she would drink. Having used this poison back in his younger days, Bjorlif knew how deadly the poison wad and propped up Janiath against a nearby rock. He knew that her chance of survival was slim at best but he had to cauterize her wound quickly otherwise it would all be for nothing as she would die of blood loss. Bjorlif set out in search of some wood nearby so he could start a fire. Luckily he found a few sticks just behind the attacker and the rock where Janiath was. Bjorlif quickly hobbled over to grab what he could and once back he grabbed his trusty flint from his keepsake. He struck his flint against the nearby rock and within seconds a small fire began to brew on the sticks below. Now blowing on the fire to get it started properly he fashioned his knife from his holder and placed it on the fire. Turning to Janiath, Bjorlif uncovered the wound and quickly grabbed his now red roar knife and pressed it against her wound. Janiath sprouted into life crying out in pain after which she promptly collapsed and fell unconscious. After lifting the knife Bjorlif recovered the wound with a fresh strip of cloth from his shirt and sat back “I retired from this for a reason” he said exhausted and promptly fell asleep.

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Also Janiath’s class/specialisation is still yet to be confirmed so if you have an idea then please leave a comment below 😊


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